New York Comedian’s Lip-Sync Game Will Have You Dying

New York Comedian’s Lip-Sync Game Will Have You DyingNew York Comedian’s Lip-Sync Game Will Have You Dying
Bryan Ke
August 28, 2018
A New York-based comedian has gone
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Bowen Yang, who hosts a podcast called “Las Culturistas,” also does lip-sync impersonations of memorable TV moments like when Tyra Banks yelled at contestant Tiffany Richardson on an episode of “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 4.
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The comedian also did a lip-sync to the “Grey’s Anatomy” season six episode “State of Love and Trust,” where Dr. Christina Yang (played by Sandra Oh) shares her heartfelt message to Owen Hunt (played by Kevin McKidd).
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If you are a follower of memes and popular culture, you’ll probably remember the infamous voicemail Alexis Neiers of the Bling Ring group sent to Vanity Fair reporter Nancy Jo Sales on the first and only season of “Pretty Wild.”
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While speaking with Vulture, Yang, who is also the publication’s video interviewer, revealed that it takes him a few hours to finish making the clips.
I usually do two ‘sessions,’ each taking a couple hours or so. The best way to practice is actually in the filming itself, just in terms of watching it back immediately in this pseudo way of self-directing,” the comedian said.
“The first session is just about portioning off the whole ‘piece’ into manageable sections and running those, and then the second is about smoothing it all out, figuring out the best ways to make it look like you’re pushing air through your lips!”
When asked what was the hardest video he has made, Yang revealed that it was Sandra Oh’s scene in “Grey’s Anatomy.”
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Just because there’s such an emotional arc to it and she is so… muscularly vulnerable as an actress,” he explained. “She starts off angry and then gets very emotional on TOP OF the anger, which was very challenging to see through in one take, multiple times. That one took several sittings spread out over a few days.”
But his most popular lip-sync video to date is the one where he impersonates Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly in “The Devil Wears Prada.”
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Since there’s already a lip-sync singing battle competition and a drunk narration of our country’s history, why not have a show where the main star lip-syncs to memorable movie and TV scenes?
“Oh my God, whenever Pop TV can schedule a general with me. They keep having a ‘thing’!!!” Yang said when asked when we can expect his very own show to go on air.
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