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‘I am such a fan of hers’: Vanessa Hudgens praises Olivia Rodrigo on ‘High School Musical’ series role

Vanessa Hudgens Olivia Rodrigo
  • Vanessa Hudgens, the 33-year-old actor who rose to fame as Gabriella Montez in the Disney Channel’s first “High School Musical” movie 16 years ago, has praised Olivia Rodrigo, who took over the lead female role in the new “High School Musical” series on Disney Plus.
  • “She's incredible, and I am such a fan of hers,” Hudgens said. “I love her music, and it's amazing seeing [High School Musical] continue to live on.”

“Tick, Tick…Boom!” star Vanessa Hudgens praised Olivia Rodrigo for her work in the new “High School Musical” Disney Plus series during an interview at the 2022 Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards on Monday.

The 33-year-old Filipino American first rose to fame as Gabriella Montez in the Disney Channel’s first “High School Musical” movie 16 years ago. Meanwhile, 19-year-old global pop sensation Rodrigo stepped into the role of Nini Salazar-Roberts – who earned the role of “Gabriella” in a meta performance of the original musical – beginning in 2019 as part of the “High School Musical” Disney Plus series. 

‘Married at First Sight’ star says her experiences dating white men with ‘yellow fever’ were ‘so cringe’

selina chhaur
  • “Married at First Sight Australia” star Selina Chhaur, 33, revealed she has dated white men with “yellow fever” before, which she referred to as “so cringe.”
  • “Yellow fever should not be a thing,” the reality TV star told Refinery29. “Sadly, it is a thing, and a lot of my ex-partners [who were European or Caucasian], even though they wouldn't use that term, if you look at their past record of their exes, they were all Asian."
  • The interview came after Chhaur’s “new husband” from the show, Cody Bromley, admitted he doesn’t find Chhaur attractive because of her race.

Married at First Sight Australia” (MAFS) star Selina Chhaur recently revealed she has been subjected to Asian fetishization while dating other white men who have “yellow fever” in the past.

Speaking to Refinery29, Chhaur, 33, described her experiences of men with “yellow fever” as “so cringe,” adding that it should “not be a thing.”

Arden Cho rejects ‘Teen Wolf’ revival role because she was offered ‘half’ the pay given to her costars

Arden Cho
  • Paramount Plus announced the cast list for “Teen Wolf: The Movie” this week, with Arden Cho, who played Kira Yukimura in the MTV notably “not attached” to the project.
  • Unidentified sources claimed that Cho declined to reprise her role because she was offered half the salary of her costars.
  • Fellow “Teen Wolf” star Dylan O’Brien, who is also not returning, later “liked” a tweet about Cho’s refusal, leading fans to believe that he supports her decision.
  • Cho, who has “liked” tweets about the news herself, expressed love for her fans in a tweet on Wednesday.

Arden Cho has expressed love for her fans after news of her refusal to be in the new “Teen Wolf” movie – purportedly due to having been offered half the compensation her co-stars were – made rounds on Tuesday.

Cho, who played the popular character Kira Yukimura in the MTV series, is “currently not attached” to the upcoming film at Paramount Plus, according to Variety, though additional names are set to be announced “at a later date.”

‘The Bachelor’ contestant apologizes for using racist Asian stereotypes in TikTok roast of co-star

marlena wesh
  • “The Bachelor” contestant Marlena Wesh apologized for using racist stereotypes to describe fellow cast member Sarah Hamrick in a now-deleted TikTok post.
  • Wesh took to the social media platform to post roasts of her co-star that did not make it into the final airing of the dating reality show’s fifth episode.
  • “Sarah, my little Asian persuasion, OK? One thing’s for certain and two things for damn sure, if Clayton ends up with Sarah, at least we know he’s gonna get a happy ending,” said Welsh in the clip.
  • Following intense online backlash, Wesh posted a public apology to Instagram saying that she had spoken privately with Hamrick about the issue.
  • Hamrick, who is part Vietnamese, responded positively to Wesh’s apology, describing her reality show co-star as someone “who especially stands up for what is right.”

A participant on the 26th season of “The Bachelor” has earned online backlash for making racially charged jokes in a TikTok video poking fun at a fellow contestant. 

Marlena Wesh had just showcased her roasting skills on the dating reality show’s fifth episode this season (aired on Feb. 7) when she took to the social media platform to post some jokes that had been left on the cutting room floor – where they probably should have stayed.

Students fight for their lives against zombies in new teaser for Netflix’s ‘All of Us Are Dead’

All of Us Are Dead Teaser
  • Netflix has released an official teaser that hints at what to expect from the manhwa-turned-TV series “All of Us Are Dead.”
  • The 12-episode show, based on Joo Dong-geun’s zombie webtoon “Now at Our School, All of Us Are Dead,”will premiere on Jan. 28.

The official teaser for the manhwa-turned-TV series “All of Us Are Dead” shows  trapped students desperately trying to survive an “apocalyptic outbreak” inside their zombie-infested high school.

The teaser, released on Friday, offers a glimpse of what to expect from the TV adaptation of Joo Dong-geun’s  zombie webtoon “Now at Our School, All of Us Are Dead.”

A cultural breakdown of ‘Squid Game’ for non-Koreans and those new to K-dramas

Warning: Contains major spoilers. 

By now it seems everyone’s heard of “Squid Game,” Netflix’s violent survival game series topping the platform’s streaming charts worldwide. As the internet continues its debate on whether or not the subtitles and English dubbing adequately convey the show’s message, there’s no doubt that certain nuances of the culture have been lost in translation.

10 Asian ‘deadly game’ movies and shows to watch while waiting for ‘Squid Game’ Season 2

Deadly Game trope

How far would you go to win a large sum of money? Would you betray a friend, endanger loved ones, risk everything?

These questions are at the center of “Squid Game,” Netflix’s latest hit and the newest entry to the “deadly game” genre. It’s a compelling theme that stokes audiences’ empathy as they watch protagonists facing overwhelming odds.  

Actor Calls Out ‘The Umbrella Academy’ and ‘The Boys’ for Using ‘Silent Asian’ Cliché

The Boys

Actor Jimmy Wong has called out several popular streaming shows for perpetuating the “Silent Asian” trope.  

Least favorite acting thing I’ve noticed during pandemic binge watching: incredibly sexy and good looking Asian actors playing characters with barely ANY dialogue because it’s supposed to be… mysterious?