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A cultural breakdown of ‘Squid Game’ for non-Koreans and those new to K-dramas

Warning: Contains major spoilers. 

By now it seems everyone’s heard of “Squid Game,” Netflix’s violent survival game series topping the platform’s streaming charts worldwide. As the internet continues its debate on whether or not the subtitles and English dubbing adequately convey the show’s message, there’s no doubt that certain nuances of the culture have been lost in translation.

10 Asian ‘deadly game’ movies and shows to watch while waiting for ‘Squid Game’ Season 2

Deadly Game trope

How far would you go to win a large sum of money? Would you betray a friend, endanger loved ones, risk everything?

These questions are at the center of “Squid Game,” Netflix’s latest hit and the newest entry to the “deadly game” genre. It’s a compelling theme that stokes audiences’ empathy as they watch protagonists facing overwhelming odds.  

Actor Calls Out ‘The Umbrella Academy’ and ‘The Boys’ for Using ‘Silent Asian’ Cliché

The Boys

Actor Jimmy Wong has called out several popular streaming shows for perpetuating the “Silent Asian” trope.  

Least favorite acting thing I’ve noticed during pandemic binge watching: incredibly sexy and good looking Asian actors playing characters with barely ANY dialogue because it’s supposed to be… mysterious?