Can We Take a Second to Thirst Over Charles Melton?

Can We Take a Second to Thirst Over Charles Melton?
Khier Casino
February 7, 2019
A trailer for the film adaptation of the best-selling novel “The Sun is Also a Star” featuring “Riverdale” jock Charles Melton dropped on Wednesday and we have never clicked on a video so fast.
Melton plays a son of Korean immigrants aptly named Daniel Bae, who crosses paths with Natasha Kingsley, played by “Grown-ish” star Yara Shahidi, whose family faces deportation back to Jamaica.
Image via Instagram / thesunisalsoastar
“What if I told you, I could get you to fall in love with me? Just give me a day,” Bae tells her on their first meeting.
I mean how could you not fall in love with Charles Melton? Just give us 30 seconds and 19 reasons:

1. More like Charles Meltyourheart.

Image via Instagram / melton

2. He’s always around when you need to catch balls.

3. And when you need a running buddy.

Image via Tumblr / jinkiesresources

4. Or a dance partner.

Image via Instagram / melton

5. He’s here to save you from the dark forces of evil.

Image via Instagram / melton

6. And when you’re about to drown.

7. He’s a master of pranks.

8. And a master at ordering pizza.

Image via Tumblr / jinkiesresources

9. He’s great with animals.

Image via Instagram / melton

10. And can be our baby daddy, too.

Image via Tumblr / lovelyloki

11. He tried to rock the iconic fanny pack photo.

Image via Instagram / melton

12. He literally snatches wigs.

Image via Instagram / melton

13. He looks good in a suit.

Image via Instagram / melton

14. Or without it.

Image via WeHeartIt / @astrid_herrera_250

15. He doesn’t discriminate when it comes to women.

via Forever Young Adult

16. Or guys. Check out his bromance with “Riverdale” co-star KJ Apa.

Image via WeHeartIt / @dreamyrox

17. He’s the right man to lift you up, not bring you down.

Image via Tumblr / 50shadesofbillyhargrovedaddy

18. God bless

Melton in “American Horror Story: Hotel.” Image via PopSugar

19. America.

Image via PopSugar
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