Chinese Man Who Paid $3,000 for ‘Lucky’ Phone Number Gets Lots of Bad Luck

Chinese Man Who Paid $3,000 for ‘Lucky’ Phone Number Gets Lots of Bad Luck
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By Khier Casino
May 21, 2019
A man from Zhejiang province, China received frequent prank calls after his $3,000 phone number appeared on the TV series “Skynet Action.”
The man, identified by his surname Shen, spent 20,000 yuan to get a number that ended in 888, a lucky number in China, according to South China Morning Post.
He started receiving several calls after “Skynet Action” used the same number for its villain in a March episode.
“I did not pay much attention at first because many people around me got crank calls now and then,” Shen said. “But later, some calls came at 1 or 2 a.m. and I could not sleep. Then I realized that something must be wrong.”
In April, one caller said he got the phone number after watching a suspect give the same number to the police in an episode of the TV drama.
“The number came out of a criminal’s mouth. That is bad for my image too,” Shen said.
He plans on taking legal action against the production company and the Youku video platform that airs the show.
The distribution company for “Skynet Action” issued an apology but Shen has since changed his number.
According to a company spokesman, the show changed its dialogue and subtitles with a new number, and that they allegedly called and messaged Shen but never heard back.
Photos via NetEase and MyDramaList
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