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Teen ‘Sugar Baby’ Sued for $1.5 Million by Businessman Ex-Boyfriend

A businessman is suing his ex-girlfriend of 11 months for allegedly lying about her age, exploiting him for financial gain and threatening to destroy his life after he ended their relationship.

The unnamed plaintiff, who was identified only as a 45-year-old “Senior Director at a NASDAQ traded company” is seeking at least $1,500,000 in damages from 19-year-old Jessica Jiahui Lee, an alleged “sugar baby” who reportedly posed as a professional at a consultancy firm.

We Went to the Sugar Baby Summit Where Women Learn to Date Rich Guys for Money

Once a year, women pay to attend a conference where they are taught practical skills on how to lead a life as a sugar baby

The second annual Sugar Baby Summit, hosted by the non-traditional online-dating site Seeking Arrangements, took place in Los Angeles this year where it welcomed a diverse group of women and some men into its courses. General admission to the event was priced at $100 while pre-sale prices were discounted at $50.

Single Mom Joins Sugar Daddy Site to Pitch Her Startup to Rich Guys, Gets $2 Million

One clever woman used a dating site to find her future business investor by pitching the same men who bid to take her out and pay for her company.

Samantha DeFazio, 32, received a $2 million paycheck from one of the many suitors who courted her via the dating site DeFazio, a single mother, joined the site in 2014 when she was going through a rough time handling bad credit and looking for ways to improve the standard of living for her eight-year-old son Lorenzo.

Twenty-Six-Year-Old Claims She’s Made an Extra $80,000 in Two Years as a Professional Sugar Baby

A woman claiming to be a professional sugar baby claims she’s made an extra $80,000 in two years off of two sugar daddies.

The woman, identified only as Jess, described her profitable relationships that include extravagant trips overseas and expensive gifts. Jess, 26, told “A Current Affair” that young women make online wish lists for their sugar daddies to detail the expectations they have for the relationships.

Sugar Daddies Reveal What It’s Like to Pay Young Women For ‘Love’

Using the confession app Whisper, anonymous sugar daddies occasionally reveal what their life is like being a financial provider for young women in exchange for companionship.

Surprisingly enough, some men actually enjoy showering sugar babies with gifts and money just for their affection. Others are regretful of their choices in relationships and find themselves lonelier than ever.

A 20-Year-Old Man Nearly Starved to Death After His Sugar Daddy Locked Him in His Apartment

A young Chongqing male nearly died this week after being locked up in the apartment of his sugar daddy, a 40-something male, China News reports.

According to Yubei Police Station, Liu, who has only been identified by his surname, was locked in a room in a rented apartment without a cellphone and without sufficient food for five straight days. The police discovered Liu after neighbors called the station, mistaking him for a thief as Liu climbed out of the room through a window and landed on the balcony, where he lay until he was rescued.