Twenty-Six-Year-Old Claims She’s Made an Extra $80,000 in Two Years as a Professional Sugar Baby

Twenty-Six-Year-Old Claims She’s Made an Extra $80,000 in Two Years as a Professional Sugar Baby
Editorial Staff
February 25, 2016
A woman claiming to be a professional sugar baby claims she’s made an extra $80,000 in two years off of two sugar daddies.
The woman, identified only as Jess, described her profitable relationships that include extravagant trips overseas and expensive gifts. Jess, 26, told “A Current Affair” that young women make online wish lists for their sugar daddies to detail the expectations they have for the relationships.
Being a sugar baby is a sort of side job for Jess who also works as an executive assistant. She said:
“The sky’s the limit when it comes to earning.”
Jess revealed that she has been in two relationship with sugar daddies over the past two years including one long-term one and one recent short-term. She explained her financial situation to Channel Nine:
“A lot of money has been spent, I mean, I’m in a better financial position because of it.
“A lot of girls have a wishlist and they’ll just kind of add to this online wishlist and their sugar daddy will have access to it … he knows exactly what they want.”
Jess decided to try out sugar baby dating after divorcing at an early age. These arrangements can sometimes be quite unconventional and she knows where she stands. Jess told A Current Affair:
“They have no intention of leaving their wives. You’re an escape for them… you’re there to look good and offer conversation. I don’t go into a lot of details about if their wives know.. but on some levels I feel their wives know.”
Among the perks of having a sugar daddy is being able to travel on someone else’s dime. She adds that she’s accompanied her sugar daddies on international business trips as well.
h/t: Daily Mail
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