Straight Man Reveals What it’s Like Being Engaged to a Male Multi-Millionaire For Money

Straight Man Reveals What it’s Like Being Engaged to a Male Multi-Millionaire For MoneyStraight Man Reveals What it’s Like Being Engaged to a Male Multi-Millionaire For Money
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October 8, 2015
How far would you go in exchange for an oversized bank account?
Purportedly, one 24-year-old male Redditor is going as far as marrying another man, 51, only for the money — even though he’s heterosexual.
The older gentleman is worth $11-12 million, according to the man, who says he is not bisexual but is “gay for pay.”
Although sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships between wealthy men and younger women are the more widely known phenomenon, same-sex sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships also exist and are not uncommon. Rarer, however, is the straight male sugar baby in a same-sex relationship, which is why this AMA is especially fascinating.
Check out his most revealing answers below (warning: some of the info is explicit).
On how they met:
“He went to the same gym I went to and we had pretty much the same workout schedule so we’d see each other often and he’d very obviously hit on me.
[…] He’s the kind of person that will start up a conversation with anyone that will let him, but with me it was especially so because he was very obviously into me. At first I just ignored his flirting for a while, then told him I was straight and he backed off a bit but started up again so I just let him flirt. I guess the ‘tipping point’ is when he kind of hinted that it’d be worth my while. Originally I just agreed to have sex with him, but very soon he really wanted to take me out on dates and stuff and we came to an arrangement.”
On his sexuality:
“I consider myself straight. I just don’t make a huge deal out of a dick going into an ass. Cause it’s really not that big of a deal. Not my choice of ‘fun’, but it’s not like it’s gonna be terrible and going in with that it’s going to feel good physically regardless of if you’re attracted to dudes or chicks or both.”
On whether he still sees women:
“Yeah, I can still hook up with women just so long as I don’t bring any home with me. So either at their place or a hotel or something.”
On whether there’s an emotional connection with his fiancee or if it’s just about money:
“Mostly money for me and ‘boyfriend/future husband’ for him, which includes sex but that’s not all he wants out of it. But after I got to really know him he’s kind of an interesting guy and it’s not really a chore to go out with him.”
On why he’s getting married despite the lack of an emotional connection:
“You’d have to ask him I guess, since I’d ask what’s the point of a romantic connection in the first place. FWIW I kind of fake one for him, although he knows I’m faking.”
On how much money he receives:
“He basically just keeps my account ‘topped up’ each month, so I guess the amount of money I’m getting depends on how much I spend. I spend money going out with friends, buying girls drinks in an attempt to sleep with them, Steam, whatever really. The nice thing about having a lot of money is you can just buy whatever suits your fancy.”
“We hold hands and shit. People would likely see us as a couple if they actually watched us for a period of time.”
On their sex life:
“I can get off from it. P-gasms can feel pretty awesome when I have them. But it’s not that great for me since he’s not a chick. He thinks it’s great though.
[…] Usually I bottom but sometimes he wants me to fuck him.”
On oral sex and whether he fears being dumped for a younger man one day:
“Yeah, I swallow if he finishes in my mouth. I’d guess he looks alright for his age but I don’t think most younger gay dudes would be throwing themselves at him (although who knows, the younger-older thing seems to be kind of a thing for gay dudes). He actually seems to be more about the ‘relationship’ than just having sex with younger dude so I’m not too worried about that.”
On whether he’s happy:
“I’m pretty happy with where my life is at, yeah. He seems pretty happy too.”
On what his parents and friends think about the relationship:
I just told them I was bi. No one I know (at least know well) gives a shit if I’m straight, gay or bi or whatever else so that wasn’t a big deal. The only thing people thought was worth mentioning was the age gap. The one person who knows that I’m straight and just in it for the money is my best friend, and her reaction was something like ‘Does he have any friends who are also rich?’ It was just a joke of course, but she thought it was a pretty sweet deal.
On whether he has a degree and what he does in his spare time:
“I have a pretty useless degree in History, but it’s not like I didn’t expect that going into it. I’m not working or doing more school. I spend a lot of time doing stuff with friends on weekends, then weekdays I spend my days and nights with my fiance or by myself. When I’m by myself I watch netflix, read, play games, etc.”
On whether he feels “bad” about the relationship:
“Nah, I see it as a mutually beneficial thing. I’d say I’m getting the better deal but it’s up to him what it’s worth to him.”
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