A 20-Year-Old Man Nearly Starved to Death After His Sugar Daddy Locked Him in His Apartment

A 20-Year-Old Man Nearly Starved to Death After His Sugar Daddy Locked Him in His Apartment
Augustine Reyes Chan
March 20, 2015
A young Chongqing male nearly died this week after being locked up in the apartment of his sugar daddy, a 40-something male, China News reports.
According to Yubei Police Station, Liu, who has only been identified by his surname, was locked in a room in a rented apartment without a cellphone and without sufficient food for five straight days. The police discovered Liu after neighbors called the station, mistaking him for a thief as Liu climbed out of the room through a window and landed on the balcony, where he lay until he was rescued.
A medical examination revealed that Liu, who dropped out of school to work, had soft tissue injury in his leg due to a lack of food. If he had not been rescued, the doctors said he would’ve eventually starved to death.
During interrogation at the station, where he was also fed, he told the police, “I was too hungry.”
Zhao, a successful vice president of a company in Chongqing, was the “breadwinner” in the relationship, according to Shanghaiist. The couple met in 2014, and Zhao paid visits to Liu “once every two nights” and left him around 500 to 1,000 yuan (US $80-$160) in cash each time.
The relationship soon went sour and Zhao began to avoid Liu. Their last day together was when Zhao locked Liu in the room and said:

“I need to go on a business trip, you don’t have to see me anymore.”

The sugar baby and sugar daddy arrangement is usually between an older, richer male or female and a young woman and man. The relationship is built on companionship and dates, but more often than not, that relationship includes sex, and the sugar daddy pays for such favors by rewarding the sugar baby with cash or gifts. The fastest growing group of sugar babies are college students, as we reported, who use their bodies in exchange for sugar daddies paying for their college tuition. With many sugar daddy sites becoming mainstream dating portals, the “stigma” of a sugar baby looking to make money by pairing up with a sugar daddy is fast going to the wayside.
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