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Asian Americans in elite colleges would rise by 2 percentage points if admission is only based on tests, study says

Editor’s Note: The headline of this article has been updated from its original version to say that the number of Asian American students would increase, not decrease if tests alone were used in college admissions.

Nearly a quarter of Asian Americans accepted to elite colleges would no longer qualify if their acceptances were based on tests alone, according to a new report from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce (CEW).

Blind freshman cross-country runner hopes to finish 5k in 20 minutes or less with his 4th grade guide

One high school freshman hoped to run a 5k race in 20 minutes or less with the help of his fourth grade guide runner in West Fork, Ark., last year.

The duo: Fourth grader Rebel Hays uses a rope to help Paul Scott navigate the courses, according to an Instagram post that recently went viral again after it was reshared by Good News Movement

Asian American Students Who Don’t Get in Their First-Choice University End Up Just Fine, Study Says

asian american students

A new study has contradicted claims that Asian American students are harmed if they fail to get into their first-choice college or university.

In 2015 and 2016, the Coalition of Asian American Associations (CAAA) and the Asian American Coalition for Education (AACE), respectively, lodged nearly identical legal complaints with the Department of Justice, arguing that these students suffer from lower academic achievement, reduced co-curricular activities and a lack of self-confidence, among other negative consequences.

Thailand is Implementing STRICT COVID-19 Protocols in Their Schools [PHOTOS]


When schools started reopening in Thailand a month ago, strict protocols were implemented to protect students from the risk of COVID-19 infection.

Learning inside the box: Before classes were allowed to reopen in July, Thai authorities recommended preventative measures including frequent sanitation of the classroom, social distancing, smaller class sizes (between 20-25 students) and protective screens to separate the students, DailyMail reports. Now, in August, photos inside the Wat Khlong Toey School in Bangkok, show how the students are fairing.

Harvard, MIT Sue U.S. for Seeking to Deport Foreign Students Enrolled Only in Online Classes

Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration over a new visa policy that will deport foreign students who are enrolled only in online classes for the upcoming fall semester.

Harvard, which has 5,000 international students, plans to teach entirely online for the next school year, while MIT, which has 4,000 international students, plans to teach most classes in the same format.

Arkansas Senator Wants to Ban Chinese Students From Studying ‘Advanced’ Science and Tech in the US

Convinced that China is out to steal intellectual property, a Republican senator from Arkansas has suggested banning Chinese students from studying advanced scientific and technological fields in the U.S.

U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton, who blamed China for “unleashing” the coronavirus, said that he has “little doubt” about Chinese intelligence services actively trying to steal American research toward a vaccine.

Chinese Students Get Homework App Removed from Store With 1-Star Ratings During School Cancellation

Chinese students removed an app from the Apple App Store that teachers used to give students homework during the school suspensions in China amid the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

DingTalk, developed by Alibaba, expanded its service to provide help to teachers during the COVID-19 outbreak in China by giving them the chance to live stream classes and grade their students’ homework remotely, according to Shanghaiist.

Top Italian Music School Suspends All ‘Oriental Students’ from Classes Over Coronavirus Fears


A prestigious music school in Rome, Italy has sparked outrage for suspending all “oriental” students amid the country’s first two cases of coronavirus, which is now a global health emergency according to the World Health Organization.

Director Roberto Giuliani of the National Academy of St Cecilia, one of the world’s oldest music schools, sent an email to all 160 of the school’s teachers on January 29, according to The Local. The note, translated from Italian, reads:

Australian University Uses ‘Racist’ Rule To Allegedly Stop Chinese Students From Controlling Student Union

International students at one of Australia’s leading universities had been banned from running in campus elections, a pre-emptive strike that reportedly thwarted political ambitions of Chinese students.

Ahead of next week’s elections, student leaders at Monash University’s Caulfield campus in Melbourne passed a rule requiring officials to render a minimum service of 22 hours per week, conflicting with the legal eligibility of international students for work.