Asian trailblazers featured in new card game developed by Columbia University students

Asian trailblazers featured in new card game developed by Columbia University studentsAsian trailblazers featured in new card game developed by Columbia University students
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Ryan General
May 17, 2023
A creative group of Columbia University students has developed an innovative card game aimed at promoting awareness and appreciation of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) history and culture during AAPI Heritage Month.
The game, titled “Trailblazer Heroes,” was created at the university’s Games Research Lab, where masters students can design educational and socially impactful games. 
Taking inspiration from the concept of trading cards, the students designed the game to highlight influential Asian Americans who have made substantial contributions to various fields.
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In an interview with ABC7, Games Research Lab Director Dr. Joey Lee explained how they combined entertainment with education in an effort to combat ignorance and prejudice.

We use games and the power of games to get people to see the world in a new way or learn things in a more effective way or to use the power of games to shift attitudes or make a behavioral change. Only one in four people can think of any significant Asian American and they also have a poor sense of Asian American history.

Among those featured in the cards are individuals such as pioneering physicist Chien-Shiung Wu, civil rights activist Fred Korematsu, journalist CeFaan Kim, fashion designer Ashlyn So and actor Daniel Dae Kim, among others. 
“Just imagine these cards as trading cards,” Sharleen Loh, one of the game creators, explained. “We thought it would be really inspiring say if you have like baseball cards. People are inspired by the people on the cards; they’ll trade them and be able to share their stories.”
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“Trailblazer Heroes” is not solely focused on historical figures; it also incorporates elements of Asian culture, such as traditional food, to address real-life challenges like racism and the stigma surrounding mental health issues.
Recognizing the potential of their game to serve as a valuable educational tool, the students designed the game to be easily integrated into classroom activities. With a gameplay duration of approximately 20 to 30 minutes, the game can be effectively utilized within a standard 50-minute class session.
Those who want to get their hands on “Trailblazer Heroes” when it releases this month may sign up via the game’s official website.
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