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Suspect Charged With Attempted Murder of 94-Year-Old Asian American Woman in SF Pleads Not Guilty

san francisco

A man accused of stabbing an elderly Asian American woman in San Francisco has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder charges on Friday.

The charges: Defendant Daniel Cauich, 35, faces attempted murder, battery causing serious bodily injury and elder abuse for the unprovoked attack of a Chinese Vietnamese woman, Ahn “Peng” Taylor, 94, last week, reported KTVU.

Survivor of Deadly Church Stabbing in San Jose Vows to Keep Helping the Homeless

San Jose

A city hall employee, who was among the survivors of a stabbing attack at a church in San Jose, California last week, has vowed to continue helping people in need after his recovery. 

UPDATE: Friends say Nguyen Pham was one of victims in the SJ mass stabbing who survived. He’s a city worker, volunteering to help the homeless @ Grace Church. “He’s an angel.He has been working w the homeless community. He goes every weekend to feed them. He uses his own money.”

Teen Accused of Stabbing Thomas Tran to Death Granted Bail Due to ‘Epileptic Fits’ During Sleep

Thomas Tran

The suspected killer behind the June Eaton Mall stabbing in Melbourne, Australia has been allowed to sleep at home while on bail.

Amie’s only child Thomas was killed in a gang attack in June. Last night, her son’s accused murderer got to sleep at home with his family. He was released on bail after convincing a Court he could no longer sleep alone in a jail cell because of his epilepsy. @ACurrentAffair9 7pm

Texas Sam’s Club Stabbing of Burmese Man and Son Confirmed by FBI as Hate Crime

Sam's club

The FBI and the Midland Police Department confirmed the attack on Bawi Cung Nung and his son, Robert, inside a Texas Sam’s Club was a hate crime.

According to the Daily Beast, Jose L. Gomez, 19, confessed to the Midland Police Department that the attack was launched with the intent to murder the Asian American family members on March 14 at the Midland, Texas store.

Man Arrested for Stabbing Burmese Man and His Son in Texas Sam’s Club

sams club

A man behind the stabbing of four people, including an Asian man and his young son, has been arrested and charged.

The incident occurred at Sam’s Club in Midland, Texas on Saturday at around 7:30 p.m., when Gomez stabbed two children and two adults, including a Burmese man identified as Bawi Cung Nung and his son, Robert. An employee of the store was also hurt during the confrontation.

Former Japanese Diplomat Who Killed Reclusive ‘Violent’ Son Gets 6 Years in Jail

Hideaki Kumazawa

A former top official in Japan was recently sentenced to six years in prison for killing his 44-year-old son, allegedly out of fear that he might cause danger to the public.

Hideaki Kumazawa, a 76-year-old retired agricultural vice minister and former envoy to the Czech Republic, reportedly stabbed his own son to death back in June before calling the police and surrendering himself to be arrested.