Seattle college student stabbed 107 times while protecting her mother from her stepfather 

Seattle college student stabbed 107 times while protecting her mother from her stepfather Seattle college student stabbed 107 times while protecting her mother from her stepfather 
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Angelina Tran, an engineering student at the University of Washington, was fatally stabbed more than 100 times while protecting her mother from her stepfather.
What happened: Tran, 21, was awakened by the ruckus in her family’s home in Beacon Hill, Seattle, in the early morning hours of Aug. 7. Nghiep Kein Chau, 54, had reportedly punched Tran’s mother in the face about 15 times, leading the 21-year-old to intervene, reported Kiro7.
Tran held on to Chau as her mother escaped and called the police. Chau then wrestled with Tran on the ground before dragging her toward the kitchen cabinets, where he was able to grab a knife. 
Chau stabbed Tran a total of 107 times, according to police who reviewed CCTV footage from inside the home. During the rampage, Chau reportedly stopped several times, including once to change his clothes and another to grab a meat cleaver.
Police officers arrived at the scene shortly before 5 a.m., where they found Tran’s mother, who was bleeding from injuries to her face, and Chau, who was in a bloodstained shirt and still holding a knife.
“I killed somebody,” Chau reportedly admitted to police.
Arrest and charges: Chau was immediately arrested and later charged with first-degree murder and first-degree attempted murder. He told police that he had been “bickering” with his wife when he hit her because he thought she was going to divorce him and take his money. 
Chau also said that he became enraged when Tran intervened. He claimed that he would have killed his wife if the police had not arrived in time. 
Chau is currently being held at the King County Correctional Facility on a $5 million bond. His arraignment is scheduled for Aug. 31 at the King County Superior Court.
About Tran: Tran, who had just a year remaining at the University of Washington, was described as an “incredible daughter” and a “cherished friend.”
In remembrance of Tran, her friends and family have set up a GoFundMe page benefiting the National Asian Pacific Center on Aging, where she proudly volunteered and worked with seniors. 
“The pain of her absence is profound as she was a gem of a human being. The impact she had on all those fortunate enough to know her was significant,” the fundraiser’s description reads.

Her radiant smile was a source of immense joy, and though the ache of her loss is deep, we believe Angelina would want us to stand strong and keep our smiles bright. Angelina possessed a deep love and compassion for the elderly, and she held a strong desire to support them in any way she could. All contributions received will be directed towards the National Asian Pacific Center on Aging, reflecting Angelina’s spirit and her commitment to making a difference in the lives of elderly individuals. Your support is not only a tribute to her but also a continuation of her legacy of care and compassion.”

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