Suspect in stabbing of 68-year-old woman in Los Angeles Chinatown robbery arrested

Suspect in stabbing of 68-year-old woman in Los Angeles Chinatown robbery arrested
via CBS News
Michelle De Pacina
25 days ago
Police have arrested a 26-year-old man for the brutal stabbing of a woman in her 60s during an attempted robbery in Chinatown.
Key points:
  • On Wednesday, Derrick Darby was arrested and charged with attempted murder for allegedly stabbing the 68-year-old victim 12 times after she refused to let go of her purse during the robbery
Catch up:
  • On Sunday afternoon, the woman chased after a man after he robbed her purse. Some bystanders also attempted to intervene before the enraged suspect brought out a knife and eventually stabbed the victim multiple times.
The details:
  •  Darby is currently being held in jail on a $2 million bond. 
  • The victim, who was transported to a hospital after the incident, has reportedly survived and is currently recovering at home. 
  • According to Chester Chong, the chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles, the woman held onto her purse because it contained important documents, such as her ID and medical cards. “She got scared if she lost these documents, she cannot go to the clinic [or] anywhere,” Chong told ABC 7.
  • Chong and the victim’s loved ones urged caution among community members, advising them to avoid carrying important documents and not to chase after robbers as it is not worth risking injury or death over material possessions. 
Community concerns:
  • The area where the attack occurred is frequented by elderly individuals who work, walk and sell fresh food along the sidewalk. Following the incident, Chinatown business owners expressed concern over a recent increase in crime and called for a stronger police presence to deter criminal activity. 
  • Other residents also cited homelessness and gun violence as contributing factors. “Our life is in danger right now. Too many homeless people, too many guns. It’s not good for anybody,” a local business owner told KTLA 5.
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