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South Koreans Angrily Protest the Release of Brutal Child Rapist From Jail

Cho Doo-soon

Trigger Warning: The content of this article may upset survivors of rape and sexual assault.

An infamous South Korean child rapist reignited national outrage upon his prison release last Saturday.

The incident: Surrounded by protestors, journalists, and officers, Cho Doo-soon, 68, was escorted out of a Seoul prison where hundreds called for his castration, death, and expulsion from Ansan, according to The Straits Times.

Doctor Who Assaulted Evelyn Yang, Dozens of Women, Hit With New Federal Charges

Robert Hadden

A former gynecologist in New York accused of sexual assault by multiple patients, including the wife of former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, has been indicted on Wednesday for his alleged crimes spanning nearly two decades.

Indictment details: Former Columbia University gynecologist Robert Hadden, 62, is facing six counts of enticing and inducing dozens of victims to go to his New York clinic and subjecting them to sexual abuse from about 1993 to 2012, CNN reported.

40 More Women Come Forward Against Columbia University Doctor After Evelyn Yang Breaks Silence

evelyn yang

More women have come forward to accuse Dr. Robert Hadden of sexual assault after former presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s wife, Evelyn Yang, revealed the gynecologist’s alleged misconduct.

Last month, Evelyn revealed in an interview with CNN that she was a survivor of the doctor who has worked in the medical facilities at Columbia University in New York.

Dis‌tur‌‌bi‌ng Music Video by Korean Art Students A‌cc‌us‌es School of S‌ex‌u‌al E‌xp‌loitat‌io‌n


The School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA), the alma mater of numerous well-known K-drama and K-pop stars, is facing co‌ntrov‌ers‌y after its former students a‌‌c‌‌cu‌‌s‌e‌‌‌d the school of c‌o‌rrup‌tio‌n and se‌x‌u‌al ‌ex‌‌pl‌oita‌‌tion of minors.

Known as 서공예 in South Korea, the special-purpose high school primarily trains its students to become performers.

California Teacher Now Teaches Kids About Consent After Kavanaugh Hearing

A third-grade teacher in California created a simple, easy-to-understand chart to explain consent to her students.

Liz Kleinrock, a 31-year-old reading and math teacher at Citizens of the World Charter School Silver, took the time to discuss the timely subject in the wake of the of sexual assault allegations directed at now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Ex-Boyfriend Who Allegedly B‌e‌at K-Pop Idol Girlfriend Shares Photos Of His Own Injuries

Hara’s ex-boyfriend disclosed his identity with dis‌tu‌rbi‌ng images of his ‌inju‌ri‌es to refute the singer’s allegations of physical a‌bu‌se.

On Monday, Choi Jong-bum and his legal representative revealed that p‌o‌li‌c‌e had confiscated his car, working license and other unspecified property over charges of threatening and sex‌ua‌lly v‌iol‌en‌t behavior filed by the former Kara member.

Woman Who Drafted ‘Sexual Assault Survivor’s Bill of Rights’ Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Amanda Nguyen, the woman who drafted the Sexual Assault Survivor’s Bill of Rights, has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Nguyen, who was raped in college back in 2013, worked with New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen to create legislation that would establish consistent rules and procedures for prosecuting sexual assault crimes.

Indonesian Province Fights Sexual Harassment By Banning Women From Wearing ‘Sexy Clothes’

The regional representative council for the province of Bengkulu (DPRD), on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, is planning to combat sexual harassment and tackle the violence against women and children by officially banning “sexy clothing”.

Seven out of eight political parties have already voiced their support for the proposed legislation to make “sexy clothing” illegal in the province, local newspaper Rakyat Bengkulu reported, as translated by VICE. Unfortunately, the report did not go into any specifics regarding what type of “sexy clothing” the legislation will ban.

English Teacher at Top School in China Fired Over Sexual Abuse Allegations

Shanghai American School (SAS) alumni have penned an open letter to the school’s administrators responding to backlash over the sexual misconduct allegations made against high school English teacher James Mikkelson.

Haeryun Kang, a former student at SAS, one of the top international schools in China, posted the letter on her Facebook account to shed light on the matter, and was initiated partly “by the backlash and doubt aimed at the victim(s), whose stories are in ‘Survivors of James Mikkelson’ blog.”

Top Hong Kong Athlete Reveals How Coach Sexually Assaulted Her as a Teen

Hong Kong hurdler Lui Lai-yiu became the first high-profile woman in the city to reveal her sexual assault experience, joining the #MeToo campaign that has since encouraged women around the world to share personal stories of sexual abuse.

In a Facebook post on Nov. 30 — which was also her 23rd birthday — Lui recounted her harrowing experience in the hands of a former coach, whom she identified as “Coach Y”. She met him through extracurricular activities.

Private School in Beijing Accused of Drugging, Sexually Molesting Children

RBY (Red Blue Yellow) Education’s Beijing branch, a private Chinese preschool company in China, has come under fire after accusations of drugging and sexually molesting its students have surfaced on the internet.

Parents of students stormed RYB Education’s Beijing branch in Chaoyang District on Thursday, demanding to speak with the school’s principal on suspicion of child molestation, according to Shanghaiist. They also demanded to see the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) footage of the classrooms to find evidence if the school staff did, in fact, commit these heinous crimes.