British man who paid $21 for Filipino children to be sexually abused sentenced to 3 years in prison

British man who paid $21 for Filipino children to be sexually abused sentenced to 3 years in prison

July 8, 2022
A security controller from North London was sentenced to three years in prison on Tuesday by the Southwark Crown Court for commissioning the sexual abuse of Filipino children.
Using Skype and an online service called “Chaturbate,” Graeme Wilson, 68, paid £18 to £23 (approximately $21 to $28) per livestream to watch Filipino children between the ages of 13 to 16 be sexually abused. 
Wilson was arrested at his home in Barnet of northern London in November 2019 and charged with five counts of arranging and facilitating the commission of child sex offences and three counts of arranging or facilitating the sexual exploitation of a child. 
Graeme Wilson via National Crime Agency
Investigators at the National Crime Agency (NCA) discovered that Wilson actively sought 14-year-olds; however, chat logs indicated that he directed the sexual abuse of children between ages 13 and 16 on at least four different occasions in 2017. 
The chat logs showed that Wilson would request abusers to perform sexual acts on Filipino children as well as directing the children to perform abuse to themselves and each other. Two of the Filipino facilitators were arrested in 2017.
Wilson pleaded guilty to all charges and will be subjected to a sexual harm prevention order and placed onto the sex offenders register for life. 
“Wilson played a significant role in the sexual abuse of children thousands of miles away from him,” Adam Priestley of the NCA stated. “He paid for them to be exploited for his own gratification, the fact he did so from behind a screen doesn’t absolve him of any responsibility. The NCA works closely with law enforcement partners in the Philippines and internationally to ensure offenders are identified and stopped, and children safeguarded, wherever they are in the world.”
Julia Mcsorley of Child Protective Services described Wilson’s crimes as “distressing and depraved” and explained that Wilson initially described his actions as “only participating in fantasy-type chats.”
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