Ex-Boyfriend Who Allegedly B‌e‌at K-Pop Idol Girlfriend Shares Photos Of His Own Injuries

Ex-Boyfriend Who Allegedly B‌e‌at K-Pop Idol Girlfriend Shares Photos Of His Own InjuriesEx-Boyfriend Who Allegedly B‌e‌at K-Pop Idol Girlfriend Shares Photos Of His Own Injuries
Hara’s ex-boyfriend disclosed his identity with dis‌tu‌rbi‌ng images of his ‌inju‌ri‌es to refute the singer’s
On Monday, Choi Jong-bum and his legal representative revealed that p‌o‌li‌c‌e had confiscated his car, working license and other unspecified property over charges of threatening and sex‌ua‌lly v‌iol‌en‌t behavior filed by the former Kara member.
He also shared pictures of his injuries allegedly sustained during their violent dispute on Sept. 13.
Hara went public about the extent of injuries she allegedly sustained from the same incident through Korean outlet Dispatch late last month.
Medical diagnosis from her obstetrician revealed that she had uterine and vaginal b‌le‌edin‌g, while her orthopedist determined that she had “cervical sprain,” “facial contusions and sprain,” “lower leg contusions and sprain,” and “right forearm and additional sprains.”
In a follow-up report last week, Dispatch published an audio file containing “evidence” that Choi, then referred to as “C,” threatened to post a video of his and Hara’s sex‌ual acti‌vitie‌s online.
According to the outlet, Choi reached out to report the incident just after it took place.
He allegedly sent Hara a video of their intimate moments approximately an hour later, threatening “I’m sending a tip to Dispatch” and “I’m going to ruin your career.”
I discovered that video in [his] phone. I clearly erased that. It was scary. [I thought] Did he send that to Dispatch? Did he send that to [his] friends? What about a celebrity’s life? As a woman, life was… complicated,” Soompi quoted Hara as saying.
In his statement on Monday, Choi slammed Dispatch’s report as having content that was “overly exaggerated.”
He vowed to prove the following as investigation into the case continues, according to Allkpop:
1. Choi’s actions were only limited to pressing ‘send’ in front of Hara on the day of the incident;
2. The sexual relations footage was filmed due to Goo Hara’s suggestion;
3. Choi never posted the footage on any online or SNS platform;
4. Choi did not mean to report the footage to ‘Dispatch’, only evidence of the scars that Goo Hara made on his face;
5. Choi never asked Goo Hara to get on her knees and apologize;
6. After the date of the incident, Sept. 13, Choi has never had direct contact with Goo Hara and therefore never threatened or forced Goo Hara in any circumstance.
Choi’s side maintained that he only sent the video to Hara because he was “very upset” after their argument.
“On the day of the incident, Choi Jong Bum was very upset by the altercation with Goo Hara, which was the reason he sent the footage to Goo Hara through the messenger. However, the action was only spurred by anger, and Choi never spread the footage or made any attempts to spread the footage at any time.”
The investigation into the case continues.
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