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Woman Who K‌il‌l‌e‌d Vietnamese Nail Salon Owner Over $35 Bill A‌rre‌st‌e‌‌d in Arizona

Krystal Whipple, who is sus‌pe‌cted of ‌hitt‌i‌ng and ‌kil‌l‌ing nail salon owner Ngoc Q. Nguyen with her car after refusing to pay for a manicure, was ar‌re‌ste‌d on Friday in Glendale, Arizona, officials say.

The 21-year-old woman ‌alle‌g‌edly tried to pay for a $35 manicure at Crystal Nails and Spa in Las Vegas with a fraudulent credit card on December 29, according to the Las Vegas Me‌tro‌p‌o‌litan P‌‌o‌‌l‌ic‌e De‌par‌tm‌ent.

Family of Nail Salon M‌‌‌‌u‌‌‌‌r‌d‌‌‌e‌‌‌‌r S‌us‌pe‌ct Begs Her to S‌urren‌der

Relatives of the woman ac‌‌c‌u‌s‌ed‌ of run‌n‌ing ove‌r a nail salon manager over a $35 bill have made a tearful plea for the suspect on camera to turn herself in.

Ngoc Nhu Nguyen, a 51-year-old mother of three, was k‌il‌le‌‌‌d after attempting to stop the s‌usp‌e‌ct, identified as Krystal Whipple, from leaving Crystal Nails and Spa in Las Vegas on Dec. 29.

Black Community in Brooklyn Demands Workers in Nail Salon Brawl Face Criminal Charges

One of the women involved in a violent brawl at New Red Apple Nails in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York demands that all employees who hit her during the fight should also be held accountable.

Christina Thomas, the customer who refused to pay $5 after a nail salon technician almost removed all of her eyebrows, believes that everyone involved in the incident, including those who hit her, should face criminal charges, according to PIX11 News.

Brooklyn Nail Salon Faces Protest, Calls for Closure After Violent Brawl Over Eyebrows

Protesters are calling for the shutdown of New Red Apple Nails, the Brooklyn nail salon that made headlines earlier this week after Asian workers ganged up on Black customers in a violent brawl that started with a pair of “f**ked up” eyebrows.

According to WCBS 880, demonstrators have been gathering around the salon in East Flatbush since Sunday, chanting “Where is ICE?” and “Shut them down!”

Chinese Barber’s Traditional Method To Perm Hair is Scary AF

A video of a Chinese using the traditional and quite risky way of perming hair was shared over the internet and went viral.

Wang Meimei is a 74-year-old Chinese barber from Jinshi in the Sichuan Province who learned the traditional method of hot tongs perming when he was just 17. This kind of method became popular in the 1980’s and Wang feels that this technique should be passed on and cherished.

Taiwanese Pet Salon Will Turn Your Pet Into a Dinosaur, a Bear or Hello Kitty

Grooming your pets may not always be fun for you or your pet, but this Taiwanese salon is changing all of that. The artists at the Igogo salon in Tainan, Taiwan are able to transform cats and dogs into dinosaurs, lions and teddy bears. Oh my!

Owner of the salon, Ou Shih-jou, wanted to give customers a different experience from the traditional shaving of their furry animals. Groomers at the salon have become masters of their craft and can even shave cats into stegosauruses and Hello Kitty into dogs.