Filipino Bro Devastated After Accidentally Getting #OnFleek Eyebrows From Salon

Filipino Bro Devastated After Accidentally Getting #OnFleek Eyebrows From Salon
Ryan General
August 9, 2018
A Filipino man got the shock of his life after his recent visit to a salon to get his thick eyebrows trimmed resulted in him getting “on fleek” eyebrows.
Chris Agustin reportedly only needed a minimal trim, but he was mistakenly given a full-on eyebrow threading, a hair removal technique used to shape eyebrows.
Facebook user Mary Lorraine posted before and after photos of her cousin Agustin, who appears to be mildly irritated over the incident. 
“One of the gay staffs (sic) told him, ‘Will you get the threading [option]?’” Mary Lorraine wrote in a mix of English and Filipino. “He wasn’t aware of it, so he just agreed, but he told him [the staff] ‘Uhm.. Okay but the manly [kind of threading].’”
The photos of Agustin’s unintentionally fabulous eyebrows have been widely shared on Facebook, generating hilarious comments that poked fun of his “misfortune.”
“It fits you perfectly,” one commenter wrote.
“It appears he liked it anyway,” another pointed out.
“His brows are more ‘on fleek’ than ours,” a female netizen noted.
Speaking in Filipino, Agustin also ranted in jest about his situation in a video he posted on Facebook.
“What have you done with my eyebrows?” he lamented. “I said [I just wanted] a trim, a manly one. Why does it look so b*tchy?”
While he did end the video by saying he would file a complaint, it appears he is unlikely to follow through with his threat considering the number of netizens who praised his now flawless eyebrows.
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