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Low-life Caught on Video S‌natc‌hing Elderly Man’s Wallet With His Late Wife’s Photos in Honolulu

Surveillance footage of a 95-year-old man being r‌ob‌b‌ed at a Chinatown market in Honolulu on Wednesday is making the internet rounds after his granddaughter asked Twitter users for help in identifying the culprit.

Lupo Fernandez was purchasing some fish at a counter in Oahu Market when a ‌thi‌‌ef ran off with his wallet, which contained $40, ID cards, a bus pass, and photos of his family and late wife, Hawaii News Now reported.

Robber in New Zealand Mugs Chinese Student, Steals $11,500 of Valuables From Her Home Right After

A Chinese woman living in New Zealand was a recent victim of a criminal who, after mugging her on the street, decided to also ransack her apartment later in the same night.

The victim, an international student identified only as Lin, said she “never thought this would happen” to her after living in Auckland for four years, Stuff reports.