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Chinese man teaches his dog how to start the rice cooker while he is away in viral video

  • A man in China taught his pet husky how to use an electric rice cooker by remotely instructing the dog through a home surveillance system.
  • Before going out, the man placed the rice into the electric rice cooker.
  • After his errands took longer than expected, the man instructed his husky to turn on the rice cooker through a speaker connected to his surveillance system.
  • The man has been training his pet dog since he was a puppy and has taught him to do various tasks such as flushing the toilet and flipping the light switch.

A pet husky in China managed to turn on a rice cooker by following his owner’s remote voice commands given through a surveillance system.

Before leaving his house in Zhejiang Province to get groceries, the man, surnamed Zhou, washed the rice and placed it into the rice cooker. After taking longer than expected to return home, Zhou used his home surveillance system to instruct his pet husky Lucky to turn on the rice cooker. 

Indonesian man ‘marries’ his rice cooker, divorces it days later

rice cooker becomes a wife

An Indonesian man has the online community abuzz after posting alleged wedding photos of him and his new “wife,” a Phillips-branded rice cooker. 

Some grainy photos: Khoirul Anam documented his now-viral wedding ceremony on Sept. 20 in images posted to his Facebook page, where he can be seen wearing a traditional Indonesian groom attire while posing with his rice cooker, garbed in a white bridal veil. 

Zojirushi X Hello Kitty Releases Insanely Popular Limited-Edition Rice Cooker and Thermos

Hello Kitty

Japanese appliance manufacturer Zojirushi and its U.S. branch Zojirushi America are releasing a limited-edition Hello Kitty rice cooker and stainless mug as part of the character’s 60th anniversary.

The Zojirushi x Hello Kitty Automatic Rice Cooker & Warmer, which is exclusive only in the U.S. and Canada, was available through the official website and Amazon, according to CNET. It is currently unavailable for purchase online.

China is Aiming for an Epic Economic Comeback With Rice Cookers and Smart Toilet Seats

China is hoping sales of rice cookers and smart toilet seats will pick up its economy.

The Chinese government plans to focus on driving the economy with domestic consumption rather than trade and investment. According to South China Morning Post, cabinet documents reveal that officials are pushing to develop better products including electric rice cookers, kitchen appliances, air purifiers, smartphones, toys and luxury toilet seats.