China is Aiming for an Epic Economic Comeback With Rice Cookers and Smart Toilet Seats

China is Aiming for an Epic Economic Comeback With Rice Cookers and Smart Toilet Seats
Editorial Staff
May 30, 2016
China is hoping sales of rice cookers and smart toilet seats will pick up its economy.
The Chinese government plans to focus on driving the economy with domestic consumption rather than trade and investment. According to South China Morning Post, cabinet documents reveal that officials are pushing to develop better products including electric rice cookers, kitchen appliances, air purifiers, smartphones, toys and luxury toilet seats.
Though China is known as the world’s primary manufacturer of consumer products, the majority of domestic brands are not of the same grade. In the past, calls for change have been made following incidents of product malfunctioning. In addition, it seems that there is a common perception among the Chinese public that Japanese firms produce better rice cookers and other electronics than China does.
The state media had previously scoffed at Japanese smart toilet seats that come complete with heaters and water jets. However, Chinese tourists have been quick to embrace the fad and Japanese merchants are more than willingly to accommodate customers by hiring Chinese speaking staff.
China’s ruling party is hoping to shift its priorities from steel and farming to concentrate on addressing its own consumer product deficiencies. In March, Chinese tech company Xiaomi unveiled its revolutionary rice cooker that can be controlled via smartphone. 
It seems that China fully shifting its view of its citizens as a source of labor and more as consumers.
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