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Malaysian girl taken to ICU after being forced to run 30 laps at school as punishment

Malaysian girl running punishment ICU
  • A Malaysian teenager was admitted to an intensive care unit after she was subjected to running 30 laps at school as part of a class punishment.
  • On May 11, a physical education teacher at the Foon Yew High School in Kulai, Johor, in Malaysia punished an entire class for not completing their homework by forcing the students to run around a volleyball court 30 times with their masks on.
  • The girl, 15, purportedly began to feel ill after the 15th lap and was allowed to walk for the remaining laps. After she got home, her heart began to beat rapidly and she went into shock with a heart rate of 200 beats per minute.
  • The girl’s mother wrote about the incident on Facebook, where she detailed how the school had brushed it off and told her that the “issue had been settled.”
  • After posting on Facebook, the girl’s parents received a formal apology from the principal and teacher involved and stated that they would not be pursuing an investigation.

A Malaysian teenager was reportedly rushed to an intensive care unit after being forced to run 30 laps around a volleyball court as a class punishment for not finishing assigned homework.

On May 11 at the Foon Yew High School in Kulai, Johor, in Malaysia, a physical education teacher punished an entire class by forcing them to run around a volleyball court 30 times for not completing their homework. All of the students were also required to keep their masks on while running.

Chinese Mom Makes Son Strip to His Underwear and Squat in Public for Grabbing Girl’s Butt

A Chinese mother is stirring controversy online after she was caught punishing her second-grader son in public for grabbing his female classmate’s butt at school.

According to Chinese reports via Shanghaiist, the mom received a call from her son’s teacher from his school in Guiyang city, the capital of Guizhou province, China and was told about the act, which, if he is an adult, could lead to some serious trouble with the law.

Teens Forced to Sleep in Graveyard as Punishment for Pulling Halloween Prank

halloween prank

Two teenage boys from Indonesia were forced to sleep in graveyards after neighbors discovered their identity in what can be considered as a Halloween prank gone wrong – at least for the pranksters.

The two unnamed boys were reportedly trying to pull a prank on their neighbors in the city of Depok, in West Java, Indonesia dressed as Pocongs, which are also known as wrapped ghosts that are believed to be zombie-like ghosts that are wrapped in white clothing from head to toe aside from the face.