High School Teacher in China Fired After Viciously Slapping Student’s Face

High School Teacher in China Fired After Viciously Slapping Student’s FaceHigh School Teacher in China Fired After Viciously Slapping Student’s Face
Carl Samson
July 6, 2018
A male teacher in Jiangsu, China is now out of work for leaving a male student with a concussion, tissue injuries, burst vessels and partial hearing loss after slapping his face multiple times.
The incident reportedly occurred as a punishment on Tuesday when the teacher stormed a “noisy” classroom with students in their self-study session.
The teacher, identified as Sun Yingchun, allegedly found one student, nicknamed “Xiaochen,” talking to a classmate.
Sun dragged Xiaochen out of his seat to the front of the class and slapped him more than 12 times.
Xiaochen, a senior student at Suyu High School, ended up with a reddened, swollen face at Suqian Chinese Medicine Hospital.
As seen in pictures, there were deep red marks that resembled palm strikes on the left side of his face, extending to the side of his forehead.
Medical examination revealed that Xiaochen sustained a concussion, soft tissue injuries, burst vessels near the eye and partial temporary hearing loss.
But the class also reported that Sun slapped another student, a female, before turning his attention to Xiaochen.
For these reasons, Suyu High School dismissed Sun and deducted his bonus from the previous academic year.
The administration also agreed to shoulder Xiaochen’s medical bills, help him transfer to another school and arrange for his counseling, according to Yangtze Evening News.
The incident was reported to the police and Suqian City Education Bureau, but it is unclear whether Sun will actually face charges for his actions.
Xiaochen’s mother condemned Sun in a blog post:
“I don’t know what my child could have done in school to be beaten like this… How can a person so irresponsible be a teacher?
“My child is not only physically hurt, but mentally, too. Now he is not willing to go back to school to face his classmates and continue his studies! I only hope that the school, the education department and the public security department can seriously deal with Sun Yingchun.”
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