Chinese Company Forces Employees to Drink Urine as Punishment for Not Meeting Quota

Chinese Company Forces Employees to Drink Urine as Punishment for Not Meeting Quota
Bryan Ke
November 6, 2018
Three managers at a home renovation company in Zunyi, Guizhou province, China were arrested for subjecting their employees to severe punishment for not reaching their sales quota.
In the video, which has gone viral on Chinese social media, shows the employees being punished by their bosses.
Some of them were made to drink urine and hit by a belt, according to Shanghaiist.
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An employee revealed on Weibo that the managers also humiliated them by shaving their head, forcing them to drink toilet water and selling condoms on the street.
Others were also made to drink vinegar and eat wasabi. But the most extreme punishment was when a team leader was reportedly made to eat three cockroaches for every order the team fell short of the target
It was reported that most of the employees have not been paid for two months, and many of them were worried that they would not get their money if they leave the company.
Fortunately, after the post became viral, authorities arrested the three managers at the company. Two of them spent 10 days behind bars, while the other was locked up for five days.
Such worker conditions are not entirely new in China. Several other videos have also popped up on social media showing employees being forced to drink toilet water and slapped in the face.
There are also employers who use “punishments” as a way to motivate their workers. One Chinese restaurant made its employees crawl on their hands and knees at a park in northern China’s Heilongjiang Province.
Images Screenshot via YouTube / 多維視頻集錦DWNEWS
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