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Forget pineapple pizza — it’s all about durian mango pizza with fried chicken

  • In Pizza Hut Taiwan’s Durian Water Gold Pizza, large chunks of durian add creaminess and softness to the pizza’s standard base layer. Meanwhile, a mango sauce introduces a sweet and tart flavor to compliment the offensive, fruity flare of the durian.
  • Small pieces of Pizza Hut logo-shaped cheese made with even more durian is topped on the pizza. Finally, coconut powder is dusted on the crust for a refreshing taste from those last few bites.
  • If pizza is not your thing, the pizza chain also released Durian Cheese Tang Yang Chicken, a fried chicken version where large boneless chicken thighs fried to crispy perfection are topped with more mango sauce, durian cheese and shredded coconut. The umami and juiceness from the chicken create a hearty meal combined with the sweetness and creaminess from the tropical flavors.
  • At 539 yuan (approximately $80) for the durian mango pizza and at 239 yuan (approximately $35) for the durian cheese chicken, the items are now available in limited quantities and exclusively sold online and in Pizza Hut stores in Taiwan since June 28.

Pizza Hut Taiwan launched a new pizza and fried chicken flavor made with durian, mango and cheese on June 21. 

The chefs over at Pizza Hut must have had a lot of creative freedom over the last year, previously releasing pizzas made with interesting combinations from oreos and popcorn chicken to dim sum and tartar sauce to pig’s intestines and pig’s blood

Pizza Hut Taiwan debuts chocolate-crusted pie topped with Oreos, popcorn chicken and calamari

  • Pizza Hut Taiwan announced a new pizza called the No. 1 Salted Chicken Pizza in Taiwan in a May 10 Facebook post.
  • For only $399 New Taiwan dollars (approximately $13.40), customers can purchase an entire pie, available in only one size, in participating stores for a limited time.
  • The No. 1 Salted Chicken Pizza in Taiwan is topped with Taiwanese popcorn chicken, salted chicken, Oreo cookies, fried calamari, cheese and scallions.

Pizza Hut Taiwan announced a new pizza called the No. 1 Salted Chicken Pizza in Taiwan. 

Pizza Huts in East Asia are known for creatively topping their pies, such as with dim sum, tonkatsu ramen, and century egg and pig’s blood. They are stepping up their pizza game once again by “using the most annoying ingredients of sin,” according to a May 10 Facebook post from the company.

Pizza Hut Indonesia releases dim sum pizza – no, it’s not an April Fools’ joke

dim sum pizza
  • Pizza Hut Indonesia released a dim sum pizza topped with chicken, mozzarella, onions, mushrooms, red peppers and tartar sauce last month.
  • The highlight of this new pizza is its crust, which consists of dumplings filled with shrimp and fish.
  • The dim sum pizza is only available in Indonesia and costs 123,000 Indonesian rupiah (approximately $8.56).

Pizza Hut Indonesia is selling an exclusive dim sum pizza that features a crust made of dumplings.

The new pizza, which was released on March 14 and sells for 123,000 Indonesian rupiah (approximately $8.56), comes with a tartar sauce base and is topped with chicken, mozzarella, onions, mushrooms and red peppers.

Pizza Hut Taiwan dishes up cilantro, intestines and pig’s blood-topped pizza

pizza hut
  • Pizza Hut in Taiwan released a new pizza this week called Cilantro Pig's Blood Wu Geng Chang Wang Pizza, which is topped with pig's intestines, pig's blood cake, pig's blood, cilantro, garlic shoots, chili pepper, mozzarella cheese and a special Wu Geng sauce.
  • The new pizza is a follow-up to their 2021 invention Cilantro Century Egg Pig’s Blood Cake Pizza.
  • Wu Geng Chang Wang is Taiwanese but has sometimes been thought to have originated in Sichuan. The name of the dish is a reference to the time it was cooked, 3 a.m. to 5 a.m., or to its five plant ingredients.
  • Taiwanese actor Aaron Yan has raved about the new pizza while others on the web have likened it to something out of a horror flick.

Pizza Hut in Taiwan launched a new culinary concoction this week called the Cilantro Pig’s Blood Wu Geng Chang Wang Pizza (香菜豬血糕五便腸旺比薩). The new dish serves as a creative follow-up to their Cilantro Century Egg Pig’s Blood Cake Pizza (香菜皮蛋豬血糕比薩) released in 2021. 

According to Taiwan News, Wu Geng Chang Wang is sometimes erroneously thought to be from Sichuan, but is, in fact, a Taiwanese invention.