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Panda Express worker’s viral TikTok roast of early morning customers has fast-food employees chiming in

panda express
  • A 15-second video posted to TikTok by @isaiahafk shows a Panda Express worker expressing his dismay at the chain’s early-morning customers.
  • While many in the video’s comments section offered up their arguments as to why some might want to purchase orange chicken at 10 a.m., others empathized with the poster’s sentiment and shared their own experiences of working in the food industry.

A Panda Express worker took to TikTok to express his dismay at the chain’s early-morning customers.

The 15-second video posted by @isaiahafk shows him wearing a black Panda Express apron and matching hat while pointing to the sizzling American Chinese food as he rants, “Bro, people really coming to Panda Express at 10:00 a.m. for some of this. Like really? Sometimes, they come at 7:00, 6:00, doing shit early in the morning. How are you going to wake up and want some orange chicken?”

Panda Express chef on the appeal of orange chicken and why American Chinese is its own regional cuisine

Panda Express
  • Across 2,200 stores, Panda Express has become a staple of Chinese American fast food, and central to questions about cultural and culinary authenticity.
  • A third of the chain’s customers order the staple orange chicken, but new dishes like Sichuan chicken keep the brand busy with innovation.
  • Chef Jimmy Wang, director of culinary innovation, spoke to NextShark about the process of creating the next big dish, authenticity in the kitchen and his own Panda Express order.

Chef Jimmy Wang, executive director of culinary innovation at Panda Express, spoke to NextShark about the process of creating the next big dish, authenticity in the kitchen and his own go-to order.

What comes to mind looking at the circular Panda Express logo, featuring a soft, curvy panda with a blank expression popping out against a red background? For many, the zesty taste of orange chicken is synonymous with the brand. Or maybe it’s nostalgic memories of sitting in a mall food court, a scent vaguely reminiscent of Asian cuisine hanging in the air.

Panda Express Launches $10 Million Program for AAPI Organizations, Other Marginalized Groups

panda express

Panda Express, the nation’s largest family-owned and operated dining concept, kicks off the first phase of its $10 million community investment program in time for Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month.

The program, Panda CommUnity Fund, will help national and local organizations support members of diverse and marginalized groups, according to Panda Express.

Former Panda Express Employee Allegedly Forced to Strip During ‘Cult-Like’ Trust-Building Exercise

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A former employee of a Panda Express branch in Southern California’s Santa Clarita Valley has claimed in a lawsuit that she was pressured to strip down to her underwear in front of a crowd during a “trust-building” exercise for the company. 

Cult-like rituals: Plaintiff Jennifer Spargifiore, 23, was allegedly subjected to “cult-like rituals” during an off-site seminar in July 2019.

Panda Express Settles Fortune-Cookie Dispute With The Killers in the Classiest of Ways

When The Killers discovered that the popular fast food chain Panda Express had sold fortune cookies with a known phrase from one of the band’s 2004 hits, they took to Twitter to point out the restaurant’s offense.

Apparently, Panda Express had used the phrase “smile like you mean it,” a reference to the band’s famous single of the same name, as a fortune cookie saying.