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96-Year-Old Taiwanese Man Saves Entire ‘Rainbow Village’ By Painting Everything

rainbow village

A 96-year-old man painted his village in Taiwan as a way to prevent the government from demolishing it; as a result, it attracted many tourists, earning the name “Rainbow Village” for its colorful murals.

Huang Yung-Fu, a retired soldier living in Taichung, Taiwan, turned his village – a temporary housing area that the government gave to soldiers – into a massive art gallery that showcases his artwork.

Japanese Artist Will Blow Your Mind With His Incredibly Life-Like Paintings

photo realistic art

Meet Yasutomo Oka, the Japanese artist who can create mind-blowing portraits without using expensive gadgets or tools like a thousand dollar camera or an expensive computer and software.

油絵で、主に人物画を描いております。 写真ではなくて絵画ですよ~😆 よろしくお願いいたします。 #私の作品もっと沢山の人に広がれ祭り

Filipina Nurse Creates Breathtaking Paintings Using Medical Syringes

Kimberly Joy Magbanua from Negros Occidental, a province located in Visayas, Philippines, is no ordinary nurse, combining her job and her love for art by using medical syringes as her painting tool.

Most painters are equipped with a paintbrush in one hand and an optional palette in the other. But Magbanua, a self-taught artist who is also a registered nurse from the Philippines, has a different and very unique way to break the norm.

Revolutionary Gluten-Free Museum Lets People Enjoy Art Without the Gluten

People’s avoidance of gluten in their diets has been on the rise in recent years due to the belief that it could be damaging to their health. French graphic artist Arthur Coulet has created an interesting project on Tumblr called the Gluten-Free Museum, in which he removes everything that has gluten from classic paintings. 

Gluten is a protein that’s found in wheat and grains. Nearly 20 million Americans say they regularly experience stomach problems after eating gluten, according to the New Yorker.