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Nike Reveals What ‘Just Do It’ Means in This Insane New Chinese Ad

Since its conception in 1988, “Just Do It” has become universally known as Nike’s tagline synonymous with taking action without hesitation in sports. For the Chinese audience, the company deemed it necessary to explain it a bit in a remarkable new Nike ad.

The tagline, often revealed for Western audiences after showing seemingly insurmountable scenarios for its given subject, is almost as recognizable as the brand itself and its popular Swoosh icon.

Nike Co-Founder Phil Knight to Donate Most Of His $25 Billion to Charity

Nike co-founder Phil Knight, who as amassed a net worth of around $25 billion, announced he will be giving away the majority of his fortune to charity, according to a CBS interview set to air on April 24.

Knight, 78, told interviewer Lee Cowan, “By the time, you know, the lives of my children and their kids run out, I will have given most of it to charity.”