Nike’s First Chinese New Year 2020 Ad Will Hit You Right in the Feels

Nike’s First Chinese New Year 2020 Ad Will Hit You Right in the Feels
Bryan Ke
January 9, 2020
Nike has released its Chinese New Year 2020 ad that plays on the red envelope culture of many Chinese people around the world during this festive time of the year.
The ad starts off at the scene of a family gathering when an auntie approaches a little girl and hands her a red envelope. However, the girl’s mother tells her not to accept it.
This exchange continues on for years. The aunty always ends up chasing after the girl around town. Eventually, her aunt ups her game and sends the red envelope through an online app, but the woman still declines the offer through her phone.
Their charade continues on for years and the chase even leads them to isolated areas such as a farm. The woman eventually gives in and accepts the red envelope. Many years pass and the woman now has her own family. This time, she’s the one who offers a red envelope to her aunty, but the elderly lady came prepared. The woman notices her aunt wearing Nike sneakers, so the two of them continue their tradition.
via Jpquidores (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Giving red envelopes to children has always been a tradition for many Chinese people around the world, especially during the Chinese New Year.
According to China Highlights, the significance of this gesture is not the money inside the envelope, but the red paper as many believe it brings the receiver happiness and blessings. Also, it is considered impolite to open the envelope in front of the person who gives it to you.
Feature Image Screenshot via @johnche
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