Godfrey Gao Trolls Fans With ‘Kiss My A__S’ T-Shirt

Godfrey Gao Trolls Fans With ‘Kiss My A__S’ T-Shirt
Khier Casino
March 2, 2017
Taiwanese-born Canadian actor (and gift that keeps on giving) Godfrey Gao tried to torment his fans by taking to social media on Tuesday and posting a photo of himself wearing a shirt that reads “Kiss my A___S.”
The 32-year-old asked everyone to fill in the blank, with many netizens going straight to the point with “ass” or “abs.

猜猜我拼什麼?Kiss my A____S……Can you guess the word ?

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The answer turned out to be “kiss my AIRS” as Gao posted on Thursday a photo of a pair of Nike Air Max shoes as part of a campaign for VI LAB Fitness.
But that didn’t stop people from coming up with the most hilarious guesses:
If you wear that, it is kiss my ABS of course!!
Kiss my ABS!!! However, if you’re upset then it would be Kiss my ASS!!!
Ass, Abs, Adidas .. that would be funny on rivalry with Nike below.
I guess the answer could be Kiss my arms or kiss my airs.
Arms? If this is not the correct answer, I would like to guess armpits.lol
Ill kiss wherever you want. Lmao
Kiss my anus..is a popular thing nows day. Lol
Ambitions. Aggressiveness. Abs. Arms, Ankles.
I’m gonna pretend like I didn’t think about ass so I just write arms.
Kiss my Auger Electron Spectrometry
Gao is also a model who became the first Asian man to become the face of Louis Vuitton ad campaigns and has starred in numerous TV dramas and movies, according to Shanghaiist.
Good night and God(frey) bless.
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