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Vietnamese Mom Wears ‘Not My Problem’ Shirt While Doing Charity Work

vietnamese mom

While a shirt that says “Not My Problem” may indicate a hint of implied indifference of its wearer, nothing could be further from the truth in the case of a Vietnamese mom who was seen sporting such tee while doing charity work.

The unfortunate gaffe was highlighted by her daughter in a social media post that has received quite the attention on the popular Facebook group, “Subtle Asian Traits.”

Filipino Mom Cuts Up Son’s Condoms Because ‘no sex before marriage’

A Filipino mom was checking her son’s wallet when she discovered four condoms and her reaction may have been unconventional from how other parents would react.

Asian Mom Dishes Hilarious Burn on Pilot Son Who Forgets To Make His Bed

asian mom

A mom’s hilarious clapback at her pilot son last week has left many laughing after her daughter shared it on Twitter.

When 20-year-old Ismaeel Khan got his private pilot’s license last year, his mother, Sarah, took pride in his accomplishment. While she is very supportive of her son’s success, she can still dish some classic Asian mommy lines at him from time to time.

Chinese Mom Approaches Random Students on Campus to Find Girlfriend for Son

Police at a university in Maryland have put out an alert for a middle-aged woman who has been approaching students on campus looking for a date on behalf of her son. 

Towson University officers received several complaints about the mom approaching students in two different buildings on campus, where she reportedly showed students a picture of her son on her cell phone before asking if they would be interested in a date with him, according to The Baltimore Sun.