Hot Moms are Spending up to $20,000 on Plastic Surgery to Get Ready for Coachella

Hot Moms are Spending up to $20,000 on Plastic Surgery to Get Ready for Coachella
Editorial Staff
April 18, 2016
Some moms will go to great lengths to keep up with their hip teenage daughters at the Coachella music festival even if it requires spending thousands on Botox and tummy tucks.
These cougar moms aren’t giving up their good old glory days just yet. Sarah Mirmelli, 33, has been in the process of getting herself “Coachella ready” for the first round of the music and arts festival that took place in Indio, California, this past weekend. Mirmelli, a divorced mother of two, shelled out $20,000 in Botox, lip injections, a personal trainer, boxing classes and skimpy festival clothes in preparation for Coachella.
According to the New York Post, Mirmelli has attended the music event for the past four years following her divorce six years ago. She gave up alcohol and went vegan a month or so before the event in order to get herself body-ready for the desert party. She said:
“Everything’s about Coachella. [Getting ready for it] doesn’t have to be a full-time job, but I’m making it one.”
Mirmelli, who works as an associate publisher for Haute Living, dished out $899 for VIP passes to Coachella. She said:
“You can go like a peasant, too, but it’s going to suck.”
Though she will be surrounded by crowds of young, trendy girls, Mirmelli knows she has something they don’t. She said:
“I have the confidence that they don’t have. They’re younger and they don’t have careers. They act all entitled, but they don’t have anything to back it up.”
Dr. Norman Rowe, who works as a plastic surgeon in the Upper East Side in New York, has seen a surge in the number of mothers coming in for procedures prior to Coachella. Rowe said:
“About two months ago, when Guns N’ Roses mentioned they would [play], more women in their 40s started coming in. They’re reliving their teen years.”
He recalled one of his patients in her mid-30s describing the kind of transformation she would like to undergo. According to him, she said:
“I want to wear this crop top like I did when I saw Guns N’ Roses back in the ‘90s.”
These mothers may look like the young kids who attend Coachella, but they sure aren’t camping like them. Mirmelli and her girlfriends travel in style and are renting a luxurious pad in La Quinta complete with a pool and movie room. They’re even hiring an in-residence makeup artist and purportedly traveled in a private jet last year.
For some, the main attractions aren’t just this year’s popular music acts like LCD Soundsystem and Ice Cube, but also the abundance of younger, often shirtless guys to flirt with and no shortage of pool parties to attend. Erin Crowley, 33, got Dr. Rowe on the phone for that exact reason.
Crowley, a single mother, dropped $8,000 for fat removal from her stomach and inner thighs. She said:
“I called and said, ‘What can I do that’s going to show right now? I need something strong.’”
She dyed her hair, had her lips plumped and got some fake eyelashes too. Crowley, who is a hairdresser in Putnam County, knows she is attempting to stand out in a sea of twenty-something girls. She said:
“I need to do my best to prepare for the outfits that i’m wearing. I’m kind of wearing short shorts and crop tops. It’s all young girls.”
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