84-Year-Old Woman Smiles After Getting Candy From Her 107-Year-Old Mom

84-Year-Old Woman Smiles After Getting Candy From Her 107-Year-Old Mom
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
November 20, 2019
This is the moment an 84-year-old woman found delight in a piece of candy she received from her 107-year-old mother.
The heartwarming scene, which was caught on video, took place after a wedding reception in Henan province, Central China on Sunday.
According to Pear Video, a man took his 107-year-old grandmother to the wedding reception of a friend’s daughter, which offered candies as tokens for attendance.
The old lady — who showed up with a red packet containing 1 yuan ($0.14) for the newlyweds — forwent the after-dinner sweet, and instead took one in her pocket for the ride home.
Image Screenshot via Pear Video
When they finally arrived, her grandson realized where the candy was headed.
“There were candies left on the table for the wedding guests and she took one to keep in her pocket. When we got home, she offered the candy to her eldest daughter,” her grandson said, according to Sin Chew Daily.
Image Screenshot via Pear Video
That daughter, who happens to be his aunt, is 84 years old.
“When she gave it to my aunt, my aunt beamed with a smile,” he added. “It’s like how children smile when they are handed candy.”
Image Screenshot via Pear Video
The 84-year-old woman’s reaction is perfectly captured in a now-viral video, which has touched the hearts of thousands on social media.
“She may be 84 years old, but in the eyes of her mother, she will always be her little girl,” the grandson said.
Image Screenshot via Pear Video
Weibo users commented on the video:
“Could anything be more adorable than this?”
“In my 80s, if my mother is still alive, I’d be really happy.”
“I wish this mother and daughter a long and healthy life together.”
“I hope that when I reach my 80s, my mother will be there to give me candy.”
“No matter how old we get, in our mothers’ hearts, we’ll always be children who love candy.”
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