This Woman is Renting Herself Out For $40 an Hour to People Who Want a Caring Mom

This Woman is Renting Herself Out For $40 an Hour to People Who Want a Caring Mom
Sarah Lesnar
November 10, 2015
In need of an extra mom? One Brooklyn-based woman will mother you for the right price.
Nina Keneally, 63, started NeedAMom for professional New York-area millennials who need a “mom now and then but maybe not his or her own mom.”
“I figured there must be others out there who could use a temporary mom without the baggage,” she told SFGATE. “They are all great, smart, ambitious and hard-working but sometimes just need some perspective, hard-earned life wisdom or a sort of personal mentor.”
For $40 an hour, the mother-of-two will do motherly things like lend an ear, review your resume, iron your clothes, watch a movie with you, bake for you and help you wrap and ship presents to your real mom.
She won’t: question your lifestyle choices, judge you or your friends, expect presents, talk your ear off about “the neighbor’s cat or your uncle’s gout,” or compare you to your siblings.
In addition to being a mom for over 30 years, Keneally is also a Tony-winning theater producer and a former drug and alcohol rehab counselor. She describes herself as a “good listener” and “terrific cook.”
Keneally started her professional mom service after moving away from her long-time home of Connecticut and moving to Bushwick, where she started running into young people who needed help.
“Many of them do have loving mothers and fathers, but they don’t understand how it is to live in a city and keep your dreams and aspirations together,” Keneally told ABC News. “It takes a lot out of you.”
After putting up a sponsored post in the Bushwick Daily last week and then struggling to figure out how to create a website, Keneally launched her service this week and is already hearing from people who are requesting she give them relationship advice or that she go to the doctor with them.
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