Male Model Quits His Job to Travel the World, Still Manages to Get a Message to His Mom

Some things will never change no matter what age you are. It seems that mothers will always be worried about their children even after they’ve left the nest.
Jonathan Quiñonez, a former model from Brussels, knew that his mother would be worried for him after he quit his job to travel around the world.
As a responsible son, Quiñonez knew he had to ease his mother’s nerves somehow.
That’s when he had an idea that would fulfill his dreams and let his mom know he was okay.
The traveler wrote on his Instagram account:
“Whatever your age is, if you have a latin mom and a passion for adventure, you will have to find a way to tell her that you are fine. This is my way.”
Though he hasn’t posted much, his Instagram account has over 18,000 followers.
He has skydived in Mexico and gone scuba diving in the Caribbean. 
He has sun bathed on the gorgeous beaches of Cancun, Mexico and Panama. 
The former model has also encountered exotic wildlife — here he is posing with some crocodiles. 
He has seen volcanoes in Costa Rica and the beautiful mountains of Colombia. 
He has even attended a soccer game in Colombia.  
He has kayaked crystal blue waters. 
He has traveled to a beautiful and tropical Costa Rica.
He met monkeys in Costa Rica. 
Check out that sloth! 
He chased waterfalls in jungles. 
He has smoked cigars in Cuba. 
He has climbed ruins in Mexico. 
Here he is on camera for a travel interview. 
He also posed with a “Narcos” character look alike. 
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