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Miami reporter defends restaurant sanitation investigative segment against accusation it targets Asian businesses

  • Miami-based news station WPLG defended its restaurant sanitation investigative segment against accusations of racism.
  • One of the news anchors called the claims of “Dirty Dining” targeting Asian restaurants “outrageous,” noting that the show was based on the state’s inspection reports.
  • “I saw you on TV show – 90 percent go to Asians’ restaurant,” the owner of Sang’s Chinese restaurant insisted in the segment’s latest episode. “I don’t know why you are against Chinese restaurants.”
  • Reporter Jeff Weinsier referred back to the report, which cited 21 violations, including a dead rodent found under the stove and both live and dead roaches found in various areas of the kitchen.
  • The women continued to reject the report, answering, “Really, show me. Show me a picture. We never have live roach here. Can you show me the picture?”
  • “Sang’s Chinese and Dim Sum” has since been allowed to re-open after a cleanup order and re-inspection.

A reporter from Miami-based news station WPLG defended his restaurant sanitation investigative segment against accusations of racism made by a restaurant owner in its latest episode.

Jeff Weinsier, the investigative reporter behind “Dirty Dining,” called the claim that his segment targets Asian restaurants “outrageous,” noting that the establishments selected to be featured on the show were based on the state’s inspection reports.

American ‘Neo-Nazi’ Pleads Guilty to Threatening to Wipe Out Hispanics

eric lin

An Asian man who threatened to kill a Hispanic woman in South Florida last year pleaded guilty to one count of interstate transmission of threatening communications this week.

Eric Lin, 35, of Clarksburg, Maryland sent threatening messages between May 30, 2019 and Aug. 14, 2019 through Facebook, vowing to assault and eliminate the woman — as well as all other Hispanics in Miami.

American Airlines Kicks Chinese Music Student Off Flight, Says to Buy 1st Class Ticket to Get Home

A DePaul University School of Music student from Shanghai, China was kicked off of an American Airlines flight out of Miami after she checked in online for both herself and her cello.

Jay Tang said his wife Jingjing Hu was sitting in her seat on the American Airlines flight 2457 from Miami International Airport to Chicago, where the couple lives, when flight attendants told the woman she would not be allowed to fly because “the aircraft is too small for the cello.”

Miami City Attorney Compares Legalizing Medical Marijuana to ‘Having Sex With a Child’

Miami’s deputy city attorney, Barnaby Min, has been taking some heat after he compared the legalization of medical marijuana in the city to pedophilia.

The Miami Planning Zoning and Appeals Board gathered together on Wednesday night to come to an agreement on dealing with zoning regulations for allowing the sale of medical marijuana in retail outlets, HuffPost reported.