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Mexico’s President Apologizes for the 1911 Massacre that Killed Over 300 Chinese People

Mexico’s president made a public apology on Monday for the killing of over 300 Chinese people by the revolutionary forces of Francisco I. Madero in the city of Torreón over a century ago.

Gruesome history: President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said he wants to ensure the 1911 massacre, in which Chinese nationals were mutilated or hung from telegraph poles, “never, ever happens again,” reported the Associated Press

Mexican Talk Show Host Under Fire for Forcefully Kissing Super Junior Idol on Live TV

K-pop fans expressed anger towards the hosts of Mexican talk show “Montse Y Joe” (“Montse and Joe”) for being sexually aggressive with some members of the massively popular boy band Super Junior.

Super Junior visited Mexico as part of the group’s “Super Junior World Tour Super Show 7” where they appeared as guests on the popular talk show, according to AllKpop.

When Chinese People Were Banned From the U.S., a Mexican City Came to the Rescue

Somewhere in Baja California, Mexico, a community of around 5,000 people is celebrating the Chinese New Year festival.

They are the residents of Chinese descent who have been living in the large Chinatown in Mexicali called La Chinesca, according to San Diego RedFor generations, the city of Mexicali has provided a safe sanctuary for Chinese immigrants who, during a dark time in American history, were once shut out of the United States.

Rogue One Fan’s Tumblr Post is Exactly Why Diversity in Hollywood Matters

Aside from its engaging story, surreal special effects, and memorable characters, Rogue One’s diverse cast is one of the most lauded aspects of the latest Star Wars film. With the stellar cast delivering the goods for the epic franchise, many are hoping that it will pave the way for better role representations in the future.

One shining member of the beloved ensemble is Mexican actor Diego Luna, who decided to keep his own Mexican accent in the film to celebrate his ethnicity. His performance would later resonate well with audiences, with one fan revealing how her Mexican father felt upon knowing Diego chose to keep his accent.

Chinese Businessman Suspected of Drug Dealing Hid $205 Million in His Mexico Mansion

A Chinese-born Mexican businessman accused of drug trafficking has been extradited to Mexico after nearly a decade after his arrest in the United States.

Zhenli Ye Gon, 53, was arrested in the U.S. in July 2007 after police found piles of cash hidden throughout his Mexico City mansion, totaling $205 million. This bust was reportedly the largest drug cash seizure of all time.

Meet The Man Who Went To Tijuana To Kill Himself But Was Saved By Cocaine And Hookers

Back in 2014, the internet was graced with the tale of a man who went to Tijuana, Mexico looking to end his miserable life but instead found redemption after being introduced to cocaine and hookers and decided to continue living in the end.

The man, who can only be identified as redditor plzsendhalp, first told of his incredible, raunchy and inspiring story on reddit. Recently, the gentleman, who is in fact still alive, sent an exclusive and very detailed timeline to PostGradProblems of his ordeal.

Twenty-Five-Year-Old Woman Caught at the Mexican Border Smuggling a $3,000 Meth-Filled Burrito

An Arizona woman was recently apprehended for allegedly sneaking some methamphetamine tucked inside a burrito across the U.S.-Mexico border at Nogales, Arizona.

Customs officials caught 25-year-old Susy Janelly Laborin carrying a pound of contraband as she was crossing into the United States on foot via the Nogales-Morley pedestrian gate on May 20.

Inside the Extravagant World of the Rich Kids of Mexico City

Mexico, a country notorious for it’s cartel violence, corruption and amazing tequila, is no stranger to extremely rich individuals who stick out in a country where almost half of the population lives in poverty.

Of course, those rich individuals sometimes have kids, and those kids love spending money, dirty or not, on the most exotic and ridiculous things they can get their hands on — meet the Rich Kids of Mexico City.