Inside the Extravagant World of the Rich Kids of Mexico City

Inside the Extravagant World of the Rich Kids of Mexico CityInside the Extravagant World of the Rich Kids of Mexico City
Editorial Staff
March 11, 2016
Mexico, a country notorious for it’s cartel violence, corruption and amazing tequila, is no stranger to extremely rich individuals who stick out in a country where almost half of the population lives in poverty.
Of course, those rich individuals sometimes have kids, and those kids love spending money, dirty or not, on the most exotic and ridiculous things they can get their hands on — meet the Rich Kids of Mexico City.
Much like the Rich Kids of Dubai, owning exotic pets like lions, tigers and jaguars is seen as a status symbol. The illegal exotic animal trade in Mexico is one of the country’s most lucrative business schemes aside from drug and arms trafficking.
Private jets and beautiful dresses are the norm.
Who needs a job when you can sit in a hot tub all day sipping champagne?
Because in Mexico, the length of your freshly-rolled cigar says everything.
You might be rich, but you’re probably not “palace in the jungle” rich.
When you’re rich, you may be too busy to smile for the camera but never too busy to flex that tricep.
When they tire of Mexico, rich kids travel to southern Europe to watch the Monaco Grand Prix.
Spending the day on your boat isn’t a vacation — it’s a way of life.
You know you’re ridiculously rich when you check the time on your diamond-studded watch as your baby white tiger chews on a bottle in the background.
Or when you get bored and put jewelry on your white lion as it sleeps.
What could be dangerous about letting your jaguar play with some customized pistols?
You know you’re a baller when your guard dogs are actually black panthers.
Fancy watch? Check. Bugatti in the background? Check. Wearing the most obnoxious designer shirt imaginable? Check.
It could be the nice loafers, the stunner shades, or smoking a cigar in a mall while holding a personal bottle of champagne, but this kid looks rich.
We aren’t scientists, but we are pretty sure champagne is SPF 0.
If you’re rich and the other kids make fun of your nose ring, you can always just speed away in your fancy wooden boat.
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