Body of Korean Man Who Died in Mexico Returned to Family ‘Without Brain, Stomach and Heart’

Body of Korean Man Who Died in Mexico Returned to Family ‘Without Brain, Stomach and Heart’Body of Korean Man Who Died in Mexico Returned to Family ‘Without Brain, Stomach and Heart’
The cadaver of a 35-year-old Korean man, who was said to have died of natural causes in Mexico, was returned to his family with several of his organs missing.
Identified only by his surname Kim, the man reportedly had a scuffle with other people shortly before his death, reports Korea Times.
However, Mexican authorities maintained in its report that the man’s death was not directly caused by external forces.
Suspecting that someone is covering up the truth, his widow launched an online petition to seek help from the Korean government to look into Kim’s case.
In a January 22 post on the government website, the widow claimed that her husband engaged in a fight with some men at a karaoke place in Monterrey, Nuevo León on January 3.
The incident was also captured on surveillance cameras. When Kim passed out, he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.
“More than a week later, I received the autopsy result that says ‘no external injuries.’ I was dumbfounded,” the widow wrote.
“That night, I was told by my lawyer that it is possible to change the result of an autopsy or an investigation (in Mexico) … So I asked for another autopsy at the NFS. A forensic scientist told me that there were signs of external injuries, including many bruises, but shockingly no brain and no stomach.”
She said that Mexican authorities stopped investigating the case since the autopsy declared that Kim died of natural causes.
“My husband was a citizen of Korea. His three-year-old son and 11-month-old daughter have lost their father,” she added. “Please help me and help my husband.”
According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it has already asked Mexican authorities to return the missing organs, which included Kim’s brain, stomach and heart.
The missing organs are believed to be left at the Servicio Medico Forense (Forensic Medical Service), the agency which conducted the first autopsy in Mexico.
When Korea’s National Forensic Service (NFS) performed its own autopsy on January 21, it failed to determine the cause of the man’s death because of the missing body parts. NFS, however, found that much of the man’s body was heavily bruised.
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