Watch: Trials sensation Tomomi Nishikubo performs breathtaking tricks at famed Mexican garden

Watch: Trials sensation Tomomi Nishikubo performs breathtaking tricks at famed Mexican garden
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The Edward James Sculpture Garden, made challenging by its lush, slippery and uneven terrain, provided a creative playground for Nishikubo

September 14, 2023
Japanese trials sensation Tomomi Nishikubo recently showcased his breathtaking bike trial tricks at the Edward James Sculpture Garden in Las Pozas, Mexico.
About the athlete: Nishikubo, 31, is a two-time Japanese trials champion, who has shifted his focus to filming narrative-led street trials videos. He is currently developing a film project in Japan that is set to release in November. 
About the garden: The site, developed by surrealist artist Edward James in 1962 in the span of over 20 years, features concrete structures named the “House on Three Floors Which Will in Fact Have Five or Four or Six,” the “Temple of the Ducks” and the “House With a Roof Like a Whale.”
The garden’s architectural wonders, made challenging by their lush, slippery and uneven terrain, provided the perfect playground for Nishikubo’s creative cycling prowess. In a recent interview, Nishikubo revealed that he prepared for the project by scouting the location, measuring obstacles and carefully planning his tricks.

About the project:  The project, titled “Surreal Snapshots,” features Nishikubo defying gravity and pushing the boundaries of street trials in the otherworldly setting. In the video uploaded to YouTube by Red Bull on Wednesday, Nishikubo is seen doing wheelies, balancing on railings and hopping up and down a variety of structures. The video ends with him conquering a heart-stopping 360-degree drop from a high ledge and then doing a backflip shortly after. 
Preserving the site: According to Nishikubo, he immersed himself in the vibrant local culture, savoring the food, beauty and positivity of the community. While he was given permission to shoot his project on the picturesque site, he and his team ensured that everything was left intact. 
“The most difficult thing about the project was that I couldn’t crash into the structures made by Edward James,” Nishikubo was quoted saying. “I had to take care of his art making sure nothing was broken or scratched.”
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