Twenty-Five-Year-Old Woman Caught at the Mexican Border Smuggling a $3,000 Meth-Filled Burrito

An Arizona woman was recently apprehended for allegedly sneaking some methamphetamine tucked inside a burrito across the U.S.-Mexico border at Nogales, Arizona.
Customs officials caught 25-year-old Susy Janelly Laborin carrying a pound of contraband as she was crossing into the United States on foot via the Nogales-Morley pedestrian gate on May 20.
Suspicious of her lunch bag, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer decided to question Laborin who then immediately looked nervous. An inspection of the plastic bag she was carrying later revealed one meth-filled burrito among other normal ones, CBP Assistant Port Director Joe Agosttini told Daily Mail.
Homeland Security Investigations agents later probed into the case with Laborin waiving her right to remain silent and answering further questions.
Upon questioning, Laborin admitted in the knowledge that she was carrying narcotics and claimed that she was promised $500 to transport and deliver the illegal substance to a third party. Officials estimated the value of the confiscated pound of meth was around $3,000.
Agosttini said it is usual to find pedestrian smugglers carrying no more than 50 pounds of drugs. While smuggling on foot is usually done with contraband taped to the smuggler’s bodies, there have been numerous food-related drug-smuggling attempts done in the past.
A person was once caught carrying a stack of tortillas stuffed with a pound of heroin inside a hollowed out center, while another smuggler hid some drugs inside a McDonald’s bag of burgers, Agosttini shared.
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