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Popular Ramen Cooker That ‘Reduces Sodium’ By 50% is Hilariously Full of Crap

A photo that made its way to the front page of reddit today is possibly the most hilarious example of BS marketing at its best.

The photo, posted by reddior redditbrock, features the Rapid Ramen Cooker, a product that claims to be the “word’s fastest and easiest way to cook ramen noodles”. It has been featured on Shark Tank and even landed an investment from billionaire Mark Cuban himself.

Adorable Minions Try Selling Bananas in China, Gets Stopped by Authorities

Images of Minions (from the movie “Despicable Me”) selling bananas on the streets of Beijing, China, recently went viral on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter.

Netizens’ hearts were melted by the sheer adorableness of the photos. “Big-eyed adorable Minions pulled over on the roadside selling bananas. Obviously very sad, but I can’t help but want to laugh,” wrote a Weibo user.

Chinese Fruit Vendor Increases Sales By Posting a $300 Kung Fu Challenge

A local Hangzhou, China fruit vendor has found an ingenious and almost magical way to attract new customers — post a kung fu challenge.

Sun Yu seems to love two things — speaking English and practicing kung fu. He majored in English at the Anhui Agricultural University and practices kung fu during his breaks — Sun even calls his business the “Qigong Supermarket.” Qigong is an ancient spiritual practice that focuses the mind, body and breathing for meditation, martial arts training, and health purposes.