Chinese Fruit Vendor Increases Sales By Posting a $300 Kung Fu Challenge

A local Hangzhou, China fruit vendor has found an ingenious and almost magical way to attract new customers — post a kung fu challenge.
Sun Yu seems to love two things — speaking English and practicing kung fu. He majored in English at the Anhui Agricultural University and practices kung fu during his breaks — Sun even calls his business the “Qigong Supermarket.” Qigong is an ancient spiritual practice that focuses the mind, body and breathing for meditation, martial arts training, and health purposes.
To attract more customers in the past, he offered to give anyone a 50% discount if they could speak fluent English with him. After being criticized by his mom for losing money over that challenge, he put out another: Sun will give anyone who can knock him over 2000 RMB, which works out to about $322. He posted a sign that reads, “5 yuan for a try; 2,000 yuan if you knock me over.”
So far, no one has been able to knock him over, but sales-wise, he’s attracted over 100 new customers with his marketing strategy who think they can knock down a kung fu enthusiast.
Sun hopes to one day demonstrate his talent for kung fu on a local reality show.
Source: Shanghaiist
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