Adorable Minions Try Selling Bananas in China, Gets Stopped by Authorities

Images of Minions (from the movie “Despicable Me”) selling bananas on the streets of Beijing, China, recently went viral on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter.
Netizens’ hearts were melted by the sheer adorableness of the photos. “Big-eyed adorable Minions pulled over on the roadside selling bananas. Obviously very sad, but I can’t help but want to laugh,” wrote a Weibo user.
At one point, they were even stopped by urban management officers. 
Others reminded us that the Minion were simply working hard to make a living. “You only think they’re cute, but look how hard they try to make a living. Who would dress in such thick costumes to sell bananas if they don’t have to?” asked one netizen.
Others have speculated that this is simply a publicity stunt for the upcoming “Minions” film debut in China. According to Shanghaiist, one netizen said that most vendors who are simply selling bananas can’t afford such expensive costumes. 
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