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‘Mandarin is not an easy language’: Simu Liu explains his criticism of ‘Moon Knight’

  • Simu Liu further explained his criticism against Ethan Hawke’s character’s use of Mandarin in “Moon Knight.”
  • “I think there’s maybe a misconception that Marvel is this kind of monolithic, all-powerful single organism with infinite resources,” Liu told GQ.
  • “I have full appreciation for the fact that Mandarin is not an easy language. I didn’t want to make it into a big political thing,” he added.
  • The Chinese Canadian actor has been vocal about Asian representation in the entertainment industry.
  • In March, the actor refused to sign Marvel comics that contain offensive material, such as the “Masters of Kung-Fu” series in which Shang-Chi first makes his appearance.

Simu Liu further explained the criticism he made against Ethan Hawke’s character’s use of Mandarin in the Disney Plus series “Moon Knight.”

“I think there’s maybe a misconception that Marvel is this kind of monolithic, all-powerful single organism with infinite resources,” Liu told GQ earlier this month. “I think that it’s easy to allocate the blame to Marvel as a whole. If you really break it down, there was a translator that probably shouldn’t have been a translator. There were probably a couple of people in the decision-making process that should have raised a flag that didn’t.”

‘Moon Knight’ director Mohamed Diab responds to Simu Liu’s criticism of the show’s Mandarin

Moon Knight
  • “Moon Knight” director Mohamed Diab has responded to Simu Liu’s criticism over the show’s poor Mandarin pronunciation in its second episode.
  • The Marvel star, along with several other Mandarin speakers, reacted negatively to the incomprehensible Mandarin dialogue spoken by Ethan Hawke’s character Arthur Harrow.
  • “Alright Arthur Harrow needs to fire his Mandarin teacher,” Liu tweeted on April 9.
  • In a recent statement, Diab claimed that he spoke with Liu about his tweet: “I actually told him, ‘Thank you for pointing that out.’ We had an expert, and we tried to do our best. But you know what? Next time, we're going to do better.”

In response to Simu Liu’s criticism of the incomprehensible Mandarin spoken in the hit Disney Plus show “Moon Knight,” filmmaker Mohamed Diab has committed to “do better.”

The action-packed series, which stars Oscar Isaac as the titular Marvel hero, has been generally well-received by viewers and critics alike.

Every Western Civilization is Just a ‘Sub-Civilization’ of Chinese Culture, Professors Claim


A group of scholars from China has recently claimed that the English language is actually a dialect derived from Chinese.

Scholars from World Civilization Research Association (世界文明研究促進會) have reportedly put forward the idea that Western civilization originated from China and all European languages are mere dialects of Mandarin. 

Chinese Netizens are Very Upset With Marvel’s ‘Shang-Chi’

“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”, Marvel’s first Asian-led superhero movie, is already generating controversy in China just days after its cast was announced at Comic-Con in San Diego. 

/center> Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige announced the film’s casting at Hall H on Sunday, revealing that Hong Kong star Tony Leung has been tapped to play the villain “the Mandarin.” 

Kenya Will Start Teaching Mandarin in All Primary Schools Starting 2020


To better pave the road for trade and connection with China, Kenya is preparing to teach Mandarin lessons in classrooms starting next year.

CEO of Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), Julius Jwan, recently spoke with Chinese state media Xinhua News, revealing the design, scope, and sequence of the Mandarin syllabus that is now finished and ready to roll out sometime in 2020.

Black YouTuber Surprises Chinese Speakers With His Fluent Mandarin Skills

A Black Youtuber has recorded videos of himself surprising Chinese speakers once they learn he speaks fluent Mandarin.

In one video, which was posted on the YouTube channel laoshu505000 last month, a man enters a Chinese restaurant and places a few orders. It started off as like a pretty regular clip, but as it hits the middle mark, things began to shake up a little when he casually started speaking Mandarin.

Jeremy Lin Pens Emotional Letter to His Chinese Fans About Horrific Knee Injury

In a heartfelt letter posted on WeChat, Jeremy Lin wrote about his struggles with his recovery, his faith, and his plans for his Chinese fans. The letter was in response to a forum post that went viral on Chinese social media after his knee injury during the season-opening Pacers game.


Donald Trump’s Grandson is Now Learning Mandarin

Ivanka Trump posted a photo to her Instagram on Tuesday showing herself with her 1-year-old son, Theodore, learning Chinese characters on a set of educational building blocks.

Little Theodore seems to be following his 5-year-old sister Arabella who has become a viral sensation in China after her mom posted a series of videos on Instagram showing her singing and reciting poetry in Mandarin.