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Racist Road Rager in Long Beach Reportedly Loses His Job After Multiple Incidents Surface

A man identified on social media as Roy Zion, the perpetrator of at least two racially motivated road rage incidents in Long Beach, California, is reportedly no longer employed by Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Zion self-identified as an Auto Body Fraud Investigator on Twitter while putting Liberty Mutual Insurance as an associated company, indicating that it may be his place of employment.

Man Who Racially Attacked Asian Man in Long Beach Exposed, Has History of Targeting Asians

The man behind the racist road rage incident in Long Beach, California has been identified and revealed to have had a previous encounter with another Asian man whom he tried to chase and fight.

This is the man that was in last week’s incident. We hope this public information is useful in aiding ongoing investigations to help maintain a safe and respectful community.

Golden West College Can’t Decide Whether to Fire Racist Professor, Puts Her on Leave for Now

Golden West College

Golden West College has placed Tarin Olson, the woman now infamously known for telling an Asian-American couple to “go back to their home country,” on leave while they conduct their investigation into the incident.

The leave will last for two weeks, the school said in an announcement on Tuesday, which will include her online classes as well. By then, the organization’s investigation into the incident should be concluded, and they will have determined whether or not Olson will continue her tenure at Golden West College.

Golden West College Updates Fate of Racist Professor Who Claims She Isn’t Racist

Golden West College

Last week, Tarin Frances Olson went viral for racially abusing a Chinese-American couple and their baby, telling them that they were “disgusting” and needed to “go back to their home country” because they were making her “culture extinct”.

Netizens quickly discovered that the woman was a therapist and a professor, employed with Golden West College in Huntington Beach, California. As news of her racist rant quickly went viral, more and more people demanded an answer from the organization. Initially, the college gave a lukewarm response on their FaceBook page: