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One Of Silicon Valley’s Biggest VCs is Allegedly Blocking Female Entrepreneurs on Twitter

Aminatou Sow, the founder of Tech LadyMafia, a group that increases visibility and opportunities for women in tech, recently called out Silicon Valley investor Marc Andreessen for blocking female entrepreneurs on Twitter.  

Her post on Medium, which is an open letter to Andreessen, reveals a startling and sexist trend that has long plagued the tech scene — talented and capable women are often ignored and ostracized in the work place. 

We Went to a $1,300-A-Person Event for the World’s ‘Top Young Entrepreneurs’

What is it like to attend an event where all the world’s “top young entrepreneurs” gather to mingle and costs over $1,000 to attend? We braved the sweltering L.A. heat to find out at the annual Kairos Summit in Hollywood this week.

Tickets for the event, which were reportedly sold out, cost $1,300. Around 600 people attended this year. Of course, as a publication that draws millions of readers a month, we got in for free with media passes.

Man Seeks Ultra-Rich Investor With Empty Penthouse in Hilarious Craigslist Post

Finding an affordable place to rent in Manhattan is basically a laughable fantasy, unless you’re this blacklisted guy, then it’s just a nightmare.

But maybe, just maybe, you might be that one lucky person who a benevolent billionaire lets stay in their luxurious high-rise apartment while they are off traveling the world for months on end. It never hurts to ask, right?

This Entrepreneur Did Something Ultra Creepy to Pitch an Investor

It’s no secret nowadays that the startup scene is inundated with entrepreneurs raising funds for their startup. They are always looking to find more creative ways to grab the eyes of investors and separate themselves from the gazillion decks they receive in their emails daily. In the case of Y Combinator alumni Avi Zolty, he thought the best way to grab angel investor Jason Calacanis’ attention was to hack his phone’s voicemail.

In an article on Medium, Zolty went full-on stalker status and found Jason Calacanis’ and Tim Ferriss’ personal contact through old blog posts and website listings.