One Of Silicon Valley’s Biggest VCs is Allegedly Blocking Female Entrepreneurs on Twitter

One Of Silicon Valley’s Biggest VCs is Allegedly Blocking Female Entrepreneurs on Twitter
Editorial Staff
November 3, 2015
Aminatou Sow
Her post on Medium, which is an open letter to Andreessen, reveals a startling and sexist trend that has long plagued the tech scene — talented and capable women are often ignored and ostracized in the work place. 
Her post starts out in a casual tone detailing her morning in a cafe before jumping into what seems like a coincidental observation:
“I ran into two women I know casually and one of them was lamenting the fact that you had recently blocked her on Twitter. ‘Man what a bummer,’ I said rather disingenuously and ran out not really trying to engage with anyone talking about technology humans on such a beautiful day.
“Fast forward a few minutes later, I’m at home catching up on morning Twitter as one does and I notice another woman I know is tweeting about being blocked by VCs and specifically people from your fund, Andreessen Horowitz.”
Sow went to check Andreessen’s Twitter to discover that she too was blocked:
“Now my interest is piqued and I go to check your feed and of course you’ve blocked me. To be clear, to my knowledge we have never actually directly interacted on the platform before save a few tweets about our mutual appreciation of Mr. Robot.”
She goes on to detail that last year women made up less than 20% of the people that Andreessen himself followed on Twitter, despite trying to “#changetheratio.”
As far as Andreessen’s investment firm goes, only 7.5% of Andreessen Horowitz’s senior investment partners are women, and the firm scored very low on a recent diversity study.
Sow ended her post with a warning to Andreessen of the inevitability that women will one day be equal to men in the tech space — with or without his help:
“Don’t sleep on us, Marc. But we’ll be fine if you do.”
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