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Married interracial YouTube couple Jin and Juice allege domestic abuse in public fight amid divorce

Jin and Juice

The marriage of YouTube duo “Jin and Juice,” who rose to fame by sharing videos of their real-life marriage as an interracial couple, has come to a very public and explosive end with each side alleging physical abuse. 

Juice, whose real name is Cerose, initially posted a video on April 26 detailing that the couple had not posted much in recent weeks because Jin, also known as Gohan, was going through a “rough” time and had returned to Korea to take a break and spend more time with his friends and family.

Man hurls racist, anti-Semitic remarks at an interracial couple on morning walk in Houston

  • Andy Tran, who is Asian, and his fiancée, who is white, were on a morning walk with their dogs in Westchase, Houston, when a man started hurling hate speech at the couple on Tuesday.
  • The man, who wore a green shirt, hurled racist remarks used against Asian and Black people. The couple said he also used anti-Semitic language and called the woman a “white whore.”
  • Tran recorded the verbal attack and has since posted the video to Reddit.
  • Tran filed a police report through the Houston Police Department’s non-emergency line after 5 p.m. on Tuesday.
  • While it is unclear if the incident will be considered a crime, the police are currently investigating the incident as “an assault by threat.”

A man hurled racist remarks at an interracial couple on a morning walk in Houston, Texas. 

Andy Tran and his fiancée were walking with their dogs in Westchase when a man started hurling hate speech at them on Tuesday.  

Taiwanese Woman Finds the Love of Her Life After Going on a Safari in Tanzania


A Taiwanese woman’s love story spanning across the world from Tanzania to Montreal, Canada, captured the hearts of over 53,000 people on the Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits.

Lucia Lee-Kombe, @luleekombe, shared how other members’ posts on cultural diversity inspired her to speak about her own story of finding love a whole continent away.

Racist UCI Student Can’t Stand Seeing a White Woman Kissing an Asian Man

A post found in a University of California Irvine FaceBook group has recently gone viral for its shockingly offensive nature, its racist rhetoric slamming an Asian male/White female couple.

The post was penned by someone under the name Will Harrison, a member of the UC Irvine (UCI) Class of 2020 FaceBook group, detailing an encounter he had where he witnessed an Asian male student making out with a White female student.

25+ Stunning Photos of Western Women & Asian Men Couples

When I first published 25 Stunning Photos of Western Women & Asian Men Who Got Married in April 2017, I never expected this first collection of photos — showcasing the diverse beauty of AMWF couples around the world — would touch so many people. In particular, I was moved to see so many couples responding by sharing their own stunning photos with me, from weddings to more glamorous pre-wedding shots.

That’s when I realized this wasn’t just a post, but potentially a series. So I put out a call for photos and, incredibly, so many couples offered to share — not only pictures, but also their stories. Many thanks to you all for being a part of this post for June 2017.

Dear World, ‘He’s Good-looking, For an Asian Guy’ is Not a Compliment. It’s Kinda Racist.

To be honest, I wasn’t even sure I was going to write this post. It’s been sitting in my “daft” box for about six months now. With the lull in activity since I finished my book, I figured it was now or never.

You see, there’s this phrase “Your husband is pretty hot, for an Asian guy,” that bothers me. I don’t even know why it bothers me. Because it does. Bother me, I mean.