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Hacker streams old Elon Musk interview about cryptocurrency in latest South Korean government YouTube hack

  • Government of the Republic of Korea, the official YouTube channel of the South Korean government, has been restored following a hacking incident over the weekend, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said in a statement on Sunday.
  • "At 3:20 a.m., the channel name and profile picture were altered and a live video was played on the account," the statement read. “The attack was brought to our attention at 6 a.m. and the channel was restored around 7:20 a.m."
  • The hacker streamed a video of SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s interview with Bloomberg at the Qatar Economic Forum in June, where he talked about Twitter acquisition and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Dogecoin.
  • The recent hacking is the latest in a string of incidents involving YouTube channels of South Korean government agencies.
  • A cryptocurrency videos was streamed on the channel of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) on Aug. 29. The channel of the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) was also targeted last week.

Officials confirmed that they have restored Government of the Republic of Korea, the official YouTube channel of South Korea’s government, after a hacker took control of their account and streamed an Elon Musk interview about cryptocurrency over the weekend.

The hacking incident reportedly occurred at around 3:20 a.m. on Saturday when the YouTube channel’s name was changed to “SpaceX Invest” by an unidentified hacker. The channel, which has more than 263,000 subscribers, mainly publishes videos about current policies and events.

‘Unhinged’ TikTok ramen hack has viewers ‘grasping at straws’

  • A TikTok user went viral on Tuesday after sharing her “unhinged” ramen hack.
  • The user demonstrates how she uses two reusable straws as chopsticks to eat the noodles and slurp the broth using one hand.
  • Many viewers praised the woman’s hack while some called it “illegal.”

A TikTok user has gone viral after sharing her “unhinged” ramen hack on Tuesday. 

The user, @bribri_is_wheezy, uploaded a video where she shows how she uses two reusable straws to both eat the noodle and sip the broth using one hand as the song “Bad Habit” by Steve Lacy plays in the background.

YouTuber gets scam ring in India arrested after hacking into their office’s CCTV cameras

YouTuber Scam
  • A YouTuber known as Scambaiter allegedly hacked into the CCTV cameras of a scam ring office and posted a detailed video of the entire process.
  • In the 20-minute clip, viewers are given a look at CCTV footage taken from June 13-24, beginning with video of the alleged scammers at work posing as Best Buy’s Geek Squad tech support employees and ending with their arrest by local police in Punjab, India.
  • Scambaiter regularly uploads scambaiting videos on their channel in which they “destroy scammers” by “hacking” into their computers.
  • As shown in the video, the scam ring office looks surprisingly similar to any other office, with rows of desks neatly sectioned off by dividers.
  • Footage of several calls made out to potential victims are also included in the video, with the scammers charging $339 for fake firewall services.

A YouTuber allegedly hacked into the CCTV cameras of an India-based scam ring office and gathered enough evidence of fraud to alert local police, which ultimately led to five arrests.

The most recent video uploaded by Scambaiter on Sunday, titled “I Got Scammers ARRESTED On Their CCTV Cameras!”, has garnered nearly a million views at the time of this writing.

South Korean Bitcoin Exchange Goes Bankrupt After Getting Hacked Again

Following a significant loss of Bitcoin assets due to its second alleged hacking this year, South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Youbit has announced that it is now shutting down and filing for bankruptcy.

The cyber attack, which reportedly caused a loss worth 17% of the exchange’s total assets, has further raised security concerns in local cryptocurrency trading in South Korea, Reuters reports.

Twitter of Chester Bennington’s Wife Hacked, Tweets Claim Affair With Mike Shinoda

In the wake of the news surrounding Chester Bennington’s death, his wife, Talinda Ann Bentley, has seemingly tweeted that she never loved her husband and confessed to cheating on him with his bandmate, Mike Shinoda.

According to Yahoo! News, Bentley’s now-deleted tweets were her first regarding Bennington’s death. It is unclear if her account was hacked or if this was an emotional outburst, but the news came as a shock to fans during their time of grief.

A Team of Hackers Just Won $1 Million For Hacking the iPhone

This past weekend, a team allegedly claimed a million-dollar prize for hacking into the new iPhone operating system.

The $1 million bounty was listed by a new startup, Zerodium, founded by Chaouki Bekrar, reported Motherboard. Hackers were given the challenge of remotely jailbreaking the latest versions of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 9.1 and 9.2b, on a new iPhone or iPad. Jailbreaking the product would allow the hacker to install any app they so wish.

People are Spraying Cheap Vodka on Their Clothes for a Brilliant Reason

Are you in college and out of quarters to wash your three-week-old dirty laundry? Did you leave your clothes in the wash for too long only to end up with a batch of stinky laundry? Have no fear because there is a life hack to rid you of your smelly clothes and cheap vodka.

This life-changing trick involves spraying vodka onto your clothes to remove any stench that may have caught on. Since vodka kills bacteria and dries odorless, when it evaporates so does the stink.